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What types of property are recorded on a POL268?

(1) Seized with a warrant
(2) seized without a warrant ( property that is illegally possessed)
(3) seized as a possible exhibit
(4) in safe keeping
(5) of deceased people


Where do the original, duplicate and triplicate copies of the POL268 go?

Original = receipt for the owner
Duplicate = file copy
Triplicate = remains with the property


What is the POL263 form for?

It is the found property record/report.


What is the POL261 form for?

It is the lost property record/report form.


What must you do if someone come in to claim an item of property?

- Satisfy yourself the person is the rightful owner.
- hand the property over and have them sign the receipt section on the found property report POL263.
- advise the owner of the finders details.