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How to diagnose stage 1& 2 iron deficiency? Symptoms of all stages?

The HB would be normal (stage 3), so you need a FULL BLOOD COUNT to see that transferrin and ferritin were low
Symptoms: shorter in breath, dizzy when standing (so hard to really know as this is only really noticeable in stage 3


What do iron deficiency anaemic RBC look like?

'Microcitic anaemia': Pale, small RBC


Prevelance of ID

1/3 of the world
of this (1/3 due to diet)
common in young women and children (developing countries)


Iron is vital for growth and

-neuronal growth & differentiation
-neurotransmitter regulation


Iron in pregnancy

During pregnancy women's blood volume significantly increases, they need more iron to make more RBC and ensure babies development
RDI: 27mg/d
lots of women get put onto iron during pregnancy (but can be detered by GI symptoms)


Stage 1 of ID

1)Depleted Storage iron (levels start to get low)
Low serum ferritin of less the 15mcg per l


Stage 2 of ID

2) Iron restricted erythropoiesis (not enough iron to put on transferrin)
low serum transferrin saturation of less then 16%


Stage 3 of ID

3) Iron Deficiency Anaemia (not able to make enough RBC)
less then 120g per L