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Increased cAMP causes diarrhea how?

Increased Cl- secretion into the intestinal lumen


Where do dietary fats first enter the peripheral blood stream?

Junction of jugular and subclavian veins



Released from “I” cells in response to fats and proteins entering the duodenum

Potentiates the release of secretin while reducing the emptying of chyme from the stomach

Coordinates nutrient delivery in the duodenum to match intestinal capacity


What medical condition increases the risk for developing pigment stones in the gallbladder?

hemolytic anemia


Facts about the more common (perinatal) form of biliary atresia

Affected infants are not jaundiced at birth

Pathology includes progressive destruction of the biliary tree

The etiology remains unknown but may include infection, autoimmune destruction and/or toxin(s)

Histologic findings include cholestasis, bile duct proliferation, and variable inflammation and fibrosis


Peutz-Jeghers polyps

The polyps are hamartomatous

The polyps can occur anywhere along the GI tract

Patients with these polyps are at increased risk of cancer of the pancreas and breast

The polyps are usually pedunculated


What category of OTC laxatives acts via the most physiological mechanism of action and is considered the safest agent for everyday use?

Bulk laxatives (e.g., psyllium seed [Metamucil®])


Necrotizing enterocolitis

Presents with abdominal distension and bloody stools


The terminal ileum absorbs what?

Bile acids
Vit B12


What non-hepatic diagnosis can cause a markedly elevated AST?

Crush injury of muscle, myocardial infarction, hemolysis, thyroid disease


What are causes of extremely high AST/ALT elevations?

MI, Acute viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, C, E and herpes), medications leading to hepatic necrosis (e.g. acetaminophen), autoimmune hepatitis, Wilson’s disease, and acute Budd-Chiari syndrome


High alk phosphate

PBC, metastatic cancer to the bone

Fractionate alk phosphate or check GGT to distinguish (abnormal GGT if liver problem)