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Which of the following is a use of a microorganism in biotechnology?

All of the above

Production of medicines
Food fermentation
Biological control


What is the key reason why the A and B chains of insulin are made as fusion proteins with beta-galactosidase?

To prevent their degradation


Which of the following was the first living organism to be patented?

An oil-eating bacterium


When a cloned gene integrates into a genome by nonhomologous recombination, the end result is..

Gene addition


What is a chimera?

An organism that contains cells from two different individuals


One strategy for producing a protein in the milk of a cow is to place the coding sequence of the gene of interest next to a ___ and then inject the gene into a ___.

Beta-lactoglobulin promoter, cow oocyte


During mammalian reproductive cloning, ___ is fused with ___.

A somatic cell, an enucleated egg cell


Which of the following is a key feature of stem cells?

- have the ability to divide
- have the ability to differentiate


When A. tumefaciens is used to make a transgenic plant, a gene of interest is inserted into a ___, which is first transformed into ___. The ___ is then transferred to a plant.

T-DNA vector, A. tumefaciens, T DNA carrying the gene of interest


In addition to T-DNA vectors, other technologies to produce transgenic plants include..

- biolistic gene transfer
- micro injection
- electroporation


A method of introducing a cloned gene into cells for gene therapy is via..

- liposomes
- retroviral vectors


Which of the following best describes the approach that was used in the first gene therapy trial for SCID?

Lymphocytes were removed from a SCID patient, the normal ADA gene was transferred into the lymphocytes via a retrovirus, and then the lymphocytes were returned to the patients body