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in 1663 king Luis the XIV he established the royal government in new France .what were the rolls of the Intendent

infulence ,responsabe for colecting taxes,how to spend the money,the justis system,granted seigneuries.


in 1663 king Luis the XIV he established the royal government in new France .what were the roles of the Govener

highest rank kings representative,comanded the soldiers,indiens affairs and english colonies


what are 3 of the characteristics of the Iroquois sociaty

S.A.M Sedentary , Matriarchy , Agriculture


how did the French and the Indians change one another

The Indians learn from the French New foods bread,peas,salt,Type of clothes woollen cloth ,blankets,hats,shirts and leather shoes .Types of tools iron,steel,knives,axes,saws,cooking pots and pans .New Weapons muskets,pistols,swords and the iron arrow .Many Indians became dependent on trade goods. Some became Christians.They also got sick smallpox,measles and influenza because they hand no immunity.Brandy-drinking ( eau-de-vie ).The way the Indians Influenced the French snowshoes tabbaco squash


what are some of the characteristics of the Iroquois woman

they did the farming (in charge of Agriculture)corn,beans,pumpkins and squash.they chose the chief of the tribe


what are some of the characteristics of the Iroquois men



what were some of the consequences of the fur Amerindian of north americas

the Indians became more and more dependent on European goods .they abandoned there traditional way of life


what did Jean Talon do to try to promote the diversification of New Frances economy

he started new industries like hate making,ship building, barrel making , tanning and he improved farming by encouraging crops that could be sold like flax , hemp,barley and hops .


why did Jean Talon try to promote the economics diversity of new France

to stimulate the economy of new France and to encourage immigrants in new France to settle in the colony


why did Jean Talon fail to promote economic development of new France

the fur trade was to profitable, France continued to pursue mercantilist ploicies that restricted the growth of new industries in its colony . Jean talon also failed becuse the local market of goods was too small and skilled workers were scarce.


what was the purpose of the siegneurial system

to encourage immigrants from france to settle in new France and ensure the permanent sttlement of the colony


Describe new France at the end of the French Regime ( 1534 - 1750 )

new France was governed by an intendant and a governor .Fur were still the major export of the colony.The Roman Catholic Church was responsible for providing education and heath care.The colony of new French had immense territory but a very small population.


what did jacques cartier succeed in achieving on his three voyages of exploration

Jacques Cartier succeeded in claiming the land for the king of France and in mapping the st Lawrence river valley


what did the companies fail to do.what did the King of France do in return and what was the purpose of the seigneurial system?

(1) The chartered companies failed to fulfill their obligation to the king of France to settle the colony of New France; (2) King Louis XIV's solution to the problem of how to settle the colony of New France was to establish the seigneurial system; and (3) the purpose of the seigneurial system was to ensure the permanent settlement of New France.


what do we need to know about the real Cardinal Richelieu

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the settlement of New France. Not only did he lend his considerable support to Samuel de Champlain who succeeded in establishing the first permanent French settlement in New France at Quebec City in 1608, but he also established the "Company of One Hundred Associates" in 1627.


No.1 Q. What did the French borrow from the Indians?

Canoes, snowshoes, tobacco, leather clothing, corn, squash, and pumpkins.


No.2 Q. What did the Indians borrow from the French?

Guns, iron pots, wool clothing, metal tools such as saws and axes.