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what caused the war of conquest 1756-1763.

Territorial expansion,Control of the rich fishing grounds and Control over the fur trade.


what lead to the fall of the French regime (1534-1763 ) in north america .( French VS British )

F) large territory that was difficult to defendF) small population F) small militaryF) they were not self sustained British won because B) small territoryB) large populationB) large militaryB) they were self sustained


What type of work did the religious order (Catholics) perform in New France?

A. They provided medical care to the sick, charity to the poor, and education for children. B. They provided medical care to the sick, charity to the poor, and education for children.


after New France lost, the British put into effect the Royal Proclamation ( 1773-1774 ). how big was the colony?

the Royal Proclamation 1773-1774 ) #1 created the province of Quebec , #2 introduced (British) Criminal and Civil Law #3requierd potential office holders in the government of the colony to swear an oath under the TEST ACT,#4 British administravtive structures were established#5 the territory of the colony was limited to the St.Lawrence valley.the colony was the smallest it ever had bin


after the war of conquest of new France what changed or what was the same

new France (Quebec )dependid on a mother county for its suplies , its economy was still based on the fur trade and agriculture


what did the Quebec Act of 1774 ( passed by British parliament ) accomplish

-the Quebec act extended the territory of the colony of Quebec south and westward of the great lakes ( almost 3 times bigger ).the Seigneurial rights were restored.-the Quebec act re-established French civil law -the Test Act was replaced bye the Oath of allegiance : Catholics were granted full freedom of worship-the test act was abolished, catholics could now hold public office in the government of the colonycollection of church tithe (tax) was brought back.


what coused the war of rebellion of 1837-1838

A lack of responsable goverment in the system creadid by the constiutional act in 1791.None the less the fack that the ellected Legislative Assembaly controld the buget for lower canada and this led to tenstions


how did the French and British differ in there goals

French were more interested in controlling the continental Europe .British were more interested in establishing a world wide colonial empire.


wy was the economy of new France held back

because of mercantilist policies


the First intercontinental war ( 1689 - 1697 ) France VS British. what happened?

the French captured forts in Acadia and Newfoundland... the forts were giving back after the treaty of Ryswick (in the Netherlands )


the Second intercontinental war ( 1702 - 1713 )what happened?

the French captured forts in Newfoundland and off the cost of Hudson bay.the British captured Port-Royal.the treaty of Utrecht (also in the Netherlands) ended the war. France gave up Acadia, Newfoundland and the Hudson bay area.the French fortress at Louisbourg on the eats cost of cape Breton cost the French a lot of money.


the Third intercontinental war ( 1744-1748 )what happened?

the British ( new Englanders ) captured Louisbourg in 1745.the war ended with the treat of Aix-la-Chapelle (in Germany )the British gave Louisbourg back to France.Halifax was founded by the British to offset Louisbourg .in 1755 some 6000 Acadians(French settlers ) were deported by the British


the war of conquest: the Fourth intercontinental war ( 1756-1763 ).also know ass the 7 year war.last French-British struggle .what happened, who won and wy did they win ?

the French lost. in 1663 France signed the Treaty of Paris, she gave up all her territory in north america.except 2 small islands ( St-Pierre and Miquelon ). the British controlled all the territory east of the Mississippi.the British won for many reasons but the main one was sea power ( large British navy ).France was interested in the war in Europe , few French troops were sent to north america, poor food harvests in new France and the French were out number 20,000 to 100,000.


what were the results of THE ROYAL PROCLAMATION in 1763.and what was its intention .

it created the province of set up a civilian government to replace the military government, British criminal laws would apply and a governor was to be named by the king of assimilate or anglicize the French-Canadians (to make them British).


what was the Test Act?

all administrators had to swear the oath of allegiance (they had to say they were not roman Catholics). the idea was to keep French Canadians out of administration.


who were the governors of Quebec in 1760-1766 and 1766-1778. how did they treat their subjects.

James Murray 1760-1766 was the first, and Sir Guy Carleton 1766-1778. they were sympathetic treded the French Canadians and treated them well


reactions to the Quebec Act 1774

Merchants were happy they had more land to make money off of.French elite were happy they got the seigneurs back and could serve in administration.Habitats(ordinary settlers) were not much affected and did int like that the church tax was reinstated.American colonies were upset mostly because Catholics were aloud to worship (they were Protestant),


what did the Treaty of Versailles in 1783 accomplish.

it ended the american revolution. Britain agreed that the 13 colonies were now an independent country (the United States of America ). the border of Canada and the U.S.A was the Ottawa river.


what did the american colonies do in 1775.

they formed an army ,George Washington was its commander, (mostly to fight the British).2 american armies were sent to invade Canada.they captured Montreal, and went on to invade Quebec but failed


what did american congress of to the Canadians in 1774.

they invited them to join the fight against the British.


how many Loyalists came to Canada and how many moved to Quebec.

36,000 loyalist's came to Canada.most went to Nova Scotia ) Prince Edward island, New Brunswick, and Cape Breton island ). only 6,000 came to Quebec.


what were the effects of the Loyalist's( 6,000 British Protestants) move to quebec

it suddenly in crested the English specking population of Quebec from 1% to 10%.they moved to underpopulated areas and used Township ( the land is divided into squares) system to divide the land into farm lots.they set up English schools and Protestant churches.the Loyalist's did not like the Quebec Act ,so they sent petitions ( formal requests ) to London : Demands for a Legislative Assembly. in 1791 the constitutional act establish a parliamentary government Quebec now had a minority of English speaking protestants and a majority of French speaking Catholics.


what remained the main export of Quebec till about 1800



what did the Constitutional Act of 1791 do.

it divided Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada , it created a parliamentary regime ( government ).