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reason how the French failed The WAR of CONQUEST

French had larger land but less population/military to defend it, compared to Britian where as they had smaller land but bigger population.


3 Causes of the war of conquest

1- terriroal expansion
2- Control of the fur trade
3- Control of the rich fishing grounds


what period was the royal proclamation?

from 1763-1774


During the French proclamation what took place?

-NEW LAWS: English criminal laws,French Civil Law
-People who wanted to work with the government had to swear on the test act
-The territory of the colony was limited to the saint Lawrence valley


Whats the testact?

you have to give up you're religion & swear upon being protestent


what were the characteristics of canadian society at the end of the french regime?

The Church was responsible for education, the seigneurial system defined the rights and duties, the territory of New France was pretty big, furs continued to dominate the economy, the colony was administraded by the Royal Government, the population of New France was small and the military was also small


One cause of the War of Conquest (1754-1763):

Competition between France and Britain to control the fur trade and Territorial expansion


Another cause of the War of Conquest (1754-1763):

Competition between France and Britain to control the rich fishing grounds off the Atlantic coast of North America.


One factor that contributed to the fall of the French Empire in North America was

That the British colonies ("Thirteen Colonies") had a larger population. and smaller territory compared to french with larger land and smaller population


The French Canadians that came under British rule in 1760 had to

rely on agriculture.


when france came under British rule after the War of Conquest what changed?

The fur trade still dominated the economy of New France


King George III of Britain issued the Royal Proclamation in 1763.

It established British administrative structures such as the judicial system. British criminal AND civil law came into effect.


Treaty of Versailles (1783) what happend to land

The territory of Quebec was reduced as a result of the Treaty of Versailles (1783). The Ohio Valley south of the Great lakes now became part of the United States.


One consequence of the arrival of the Loyalists in Quebec in 1783

was the demand for a legislative assembly made up of elected representatives.


were did the loyalist settel after their arrival in Quebec in 1783.

the Loyalists settled in the Eastern Townships