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What are the three different positions that an airport should staff relating to public relations?

Airport Marketing; Public Information Officer (community relations); Air Service Development


County/City Appointed Airport Executives

Representatives of different political organizations & structures; position is tied to political success of elected officials


What advantages does an Authority Airport Executive have over a county/city appointed executive?

High job security and freedom; insulated from election cycle risk; should maintain good relationship with authority supervisor


How can a county/city appointed airport executive decrease their risk?

Remain independent or at least keep political affiliation private; understand the authority of elected officials and ensure healthy communication; be aware that you don't just represent yourself


What focus should an airport executive have regarding citizen participation?

Public input is important, but understanding the citizen's needs and keeping them informed should be the goal


What purchasing limits and term agreements does the airport authority executive typically have without needing authority approval?

Typically $50,000-$100,000 purchasing limit and 1-5 year term agreements


Who typically does the marketing for airport tenants?

The airport tenant


Marketing MIx

Identification of which medium and elements of information customers will find appealing


What are some common methods of advertising?

Print Media; Broadcast; Online; Direct Mail; Seminars and Trade Shows; Publicity


Print Media Options

Magazines; Newspapers; Industry or trade journals


Online Advertising

Web sites; Online ads/banners, Pop-ups; Email; Social Media; Blogs; Podcasts


What should be included on websites?

Runways, businesses, airport info for pilots, local data (hotels, attractions, restaurants), and tenant information


What are some things to consider with Twitter?

Send out news, info on projects, or emergency information; Monitor passenger issues and concerns in real time; and watch for fake accounts


What is Air Service Development (ASD)?

Selling your community to the airlines for them to begin offering service, usually involves local demographics and economic information


What are the effects of route deficiencies?

Higher airfares, leakage (measure of when passengers choose to fly from somewhere else), and reverse leakage (measure of pax gained when they could have gone to a different airport)


How do air carriers select airports?

Route planners assess market size and forecast demand. Demand is measured in how many people fly from the market and what customers are willing to pay.


Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP)

Studies that measure air service deficiencies, traffic loss or diversion to other communities; ASD staffing; PR agencies; financial incentives. Maximum of 40 grants a year/ 4 per state


Best practices for ASD

Assessment or period review; determine how passenger arrive at their destination; type of aircraft; geographic reach of the airport's services (catchment)


International ASD

Intentional customers stay longer and come on bigger jets; must have adequate space and areas for international travel (biggest concern is customs processing space)


Techniques for ASD

Minimum revenue guarantees is used by half of small and non-hub airports; Travel Banks (business travelers pay cash-up front); or hiring an ASD consultant


Techniques for selling to an airline

Have detailed origin and destination information; airport infrastructure and incentives were the highest priority for airlines; detailed route forecast (critical)


Categories of Crisis - Sudden Emergencies:

Natural disasters or airplane accidents


Categories of Crisis - Creeping Crises

Employee lawsuits or regulatory violations


Categories of Crisis - Predictable Crises

Union strikes or community protests


Categories of Crisis - Crises by Improper Decisiosn

Occurs when complexity of a situation is not understood. Lack of training or medical condition leads to poor decision making


Categories of Crisis - Cybercrims

Attacks by bloggers/upset customers, shut down of email/IT systemts


Crisis Communication Plan

Includes key personnel and what to do should an event take place


Airport Spokesperson

Should not be a director, or elected official, direct all media inquires to the spokesperson; should have operations knowledge and an appropriate demeanour


National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Federal government system that is a wide ranging, national approach to incident management of many types of potential hazards


Joint Info Center (JIC)

Central location to perform all PR functions; focal point for the coordination and timely release of info


Who are the 5 audiences to be informed during a crisis?

Airport Personnel; Elected and Appointed Official; Regulatory Officials (NTSB, FAA); Media; Public


What are the Ten C's of Crisis Communications

Cooperative; Control; Care/Concern; Competence; Credible; Consistent; Clear; Concise; Current; Calm


What are the three primary messages to convey during incident crisis communication?

Airport acted responsibly; airport is concerned; airport has a plan in place and is following that plan


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed

Aggregates all information found online about the airport