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If you are mountain climbing with friends, what symptoms do you look for to detect frostbite?

A white waxy appearance on the exposed skin on the nose, ears, or cheeks.


If a friend was experiencing a severe HA after returning from the mountains, along with NV, and he stated "I feel hung over", what would be an appropriate question to ask?

"How quickly did you ascend the mountain" would be appropriate, because these are S/S of altitude sickness, which is often brought on by climbing too fast.


If a woman has greenish/brown nipple discharge, a hard breast mass with irregular borders, redness and edema in the breast, what is probably wrong?

Ductal ectasia.


If a breast tumor contains estrogen receptors (ER positive), how is it treated?

With Hormonal therapy


If a man has nipple discharge, he most likely has ____ _____.

Breast cancer.