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What area of the body is compromised with type 1 diabetes ?

The Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans.


What is Humulin R and what are its onset/peak/duration?

Humulin R (humalog) and Novalin R (Novolog) are are short acting insulins.

.5 hr. 2-4 hrs. 5-7 hrs.


What is Lente, and what is its onset/peak/duration?

Lente is an intermediate acting insulin .

2-4 hrs . 6-12 hrs. 18-26


What is NPH insulin?

It is an intermediate acting insulin. (Humulin N/Novolin N)

1.5 hrs. 4-12 hrs. 16- 24 hrs.


What is Glargine? Onset/peak/duration?

Insulin Glargine is a long acting insulin.

2-4 hrs. No peak. 24 hrs.


What is Actos? Warnings?

It is a TZD (Thiazolidinedipne ) used to control blood glucose. It increases sensitivity of glucose receptors.

Warnings are bladder cancer and liver function.


What is Starlix and how does it work?

Starlix (Nateglinide) is meglitinide used to control post prandial blood glucose by increasing insulin production.