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Goal Directed Behaviour

choose to act in in a certain way to work towards a goal


Frustration and other internal states can produce a_____

Paradoxical reward effect


Paradoxical Reward effet

the effects of reinforcers can depend on expectations and psychological context.


Partial reinforcement extinction effect (PREE)

Learning under partial reinforcements is more robust than learning under full reinforcements.


Partial reinforcement

The response is reinforced only part of the time.


Spontaneous recovery

Refers to the re-emergence of a previously extinguished conditioned response after a delay.


Thorndike's law of effect

Motivational properties of the reinforcer are critical for learning


Satisfaction results in___

S-R learning


Tolman believed

The animal may learn things without being reinforced (latent learning), and reinforcement provides impetus to perform


Latent Learning

learning that is not immediately expressed in an overt response; it occurs without any obvious reinforcement of the behavior or associations that are learned.


Cognitive map

an internal representation (or image) of external environmental feature or landmark.


Design Rational

will the animal show evidence of learning when presented one stimulus when it was previously linked with the other


Skinner's circularity in the law of effect

Postman 1947 - The animal does what it does because it does it, and does not do what it does not do because it does not do it



tried to come up with a universal theory of a reinforcer.

You need motivating forcer of hunger to find the reward and see reward as a motivator.

Animals will then repeat any behavior that reduces these drives.


According to Hull Behaviour =

Habit (learning) X drive (motivation)


According to Hull reinforcement =

a stimulus that reduced drive


Premack (1959)

Reinforcement involves behaviour of its own, consumption not just the food, high preference for eating.
reinforcement = increasing access to preferred behaviours


The Premack Principle

More preferred action will provide good enforcer for less preferred action, do the worse action to then do the better one

Reinforcement depends on current preference of the individual (reinforcement is dynamic

Relative behavioural property


Limitations of the premack principle

- Doesn't speak to psycho priniciples.
- Very Behaviouristic
- May be violated if a situation or schedule of reinforcement provides much more of the high-probability behavior than of the low-probability behavior.


Instrumental conditioning and limit

a learning process in which behaviour is modified by the reinforcing or inhibiting effect of its consequence.
L - It cant explain insensitivity to changes in motivation for the outcome