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What is motor control

The ability to maintain and change posture and use night as a result of motor cognitive and perceptual development.

This occurs when the nervous system can direct what muscles should be used in what order and how quickly the muscles can react

This is the control of the persons posture and movement as the person acquires motor abilities and increasing physical demands of a persons life


Example of Motor control

Quickly Extending arms when falling (task, person&environment)


What type of feedback is necessary in order to develop motor control?

Sensory information is used to the body will know what type of task to perform and how well the task is accomplished.

The response of our body incorporate the sense of touch sight sound movement and position


Describe the hierarchy theory of development of motor control

The cortex is the highest levelof control directing movement. As a persons cortex pictures they will develop greater voluntary control.

Reflexes develop in the gestational period which include sucking routing flexor withdrawal and music are at the spinal cord level and a simple reflexes called primitive reflexes.

Tonic reflexes produce changes in muscle tone and posture (tonic labyrinthine reflex and asymmetrical tonic neck reflex

Postural response include righting and equilibrium. Protective reactions are also involved.


How is motor control developed in relation to mobility instability?.

Mobility is followed by stability by controlled mobility skills.

.this is movement followed by maintaining posture followed by movement with posture followed by movement from one posture to another


What directions postural control develop?



What are fighting reactions?

Writing reactions orient the head in space and keep the eyes and mouth horizontal on the body is tilted a rotated the header the trunk try to orient itself between 4 to 6 months


What a protective reactions?
In what order do they develop?

Protective reactions involve extremity movements that occur in response to wrap a displacement of the body by diagonal and horizontal forces.

The sequence is


How do equilibrium reactions differ from righting and protective reactions?

Waiting react to orient the infant head and trunk relation to the horizon protective reactions to help child for filing an equilibrium reactions I most advanced and they allow the body to adapt to this new changes in relationship of the center of gravity to the base of support how the trunk is disassociative with the extra


What are some beliefs in the systems model of motor control?

A.motor control is accomplished by complex interaction of many systems of the body
B.posture and movement produce different motor responses is necessary to determine if the movement my successful in the past


What is a closed loop model?

Sensory information is used as feedback to nervous system to provide assistance with the next action so the feedback is necessary.


What is an open loop model?

Movement is cute without feedback motocross Grammy or sensory information from you guys Eric details after the fact.


What is needed for postural control and balance?

I'm used to be a relationship between posture and movement in order for there to be a reaction to
Threats of balancein order to anticipate postural needs to support a motive plan.


Three ways we control standing balance according to Nasher

Ankle strategy
Hip strategies
stepping strategy


Ankle strategy

Our ankles will sway to keep a separate tibialis anterior I will fire if we go backwards versus the gastrocnemius when we spray forward


Hip strategy

Muscles are activated proximal to distal around the hip with a narrow base of support with the feet the muscles of the Hip are activated


What is the stepping strategy?

Prevent loss of balance The body will respond by stepping.


Motor learning

Things about chains in motor performance as a result practice or experience.

The functional connection between motor control and motor development.


What is essential for motor learning to take place?

In order for motivated to take place must be a practice of a motor task.there is also a transfer of learning based on feedback from a shit about how the movement occurred and how successful it was.


What is an infants main motor learning task within the first year of life?

No need to move safely against gravity is the info motor learning task. This includes rolling, sitting, creeping is practiced and perfected from prone and supine to sitting and four point.


What is the first phase of motor learning when learning a new task? what misstatement to be able to do during this phase??

Cognitive phase- the new test must be thought about.

This is considered closed loop learning because sensory input is used by the nervous system to learn about moving and desired movement. instructions are given; the learner must understand what to do.


What is the second phase of motor learning?

The associative phase when learning takes place with each new trial or is errors are detected and corrected with the next attempt - this success comes with practice in the ability to identify errors and correct them.


What is the final phase of Moto third phase?

yes it is completed with punch his feedback activities requiring higher cognitive attention


The three phases of motor learning



No do we give more or less feedback as to learn to become better at the task?

We give left feedback as the lunar become better at the task_


What it be easier for a loaner problem by breaking it into components orto be taught the whole task at once?

Part whole training states that have a broken into specific chunks and learning will be enhanced


What is a motive program?

Emotive program is a memory that provides instructions for the control of action. Systems of the body involved in movement always seem to be seeking and ways to not require a lot of thought.this leaves the brain for you to do more important things such as think