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Proper handling of infants

Head and neck control
Decrease muscle tone if high
Accommodate low musculature (DS OR CP)


Key points - let pt do as much as they can w/ I help
Watch spastic limbs, incorporate home programming

Position for function

If have low tone - floppy and child could slip through hands


Position for function

Supine: toy in hands, feet up, towel under legs, wash cloth under rear delts,pull to sit -
Prone (tummy time (at diaper change), prop on elbows, push up through straight arms,quadruped)babinski, placing reflex to extend hands- joints proper alignment- quadruped:facilitate rocking, toy to reach for, put knees under them
Sidelying: co contraction, helps hold up head, top leg forward, break up upper-lower dissociation / fascilitates midline)
Sitting: (supported sitting(hands high and work way Dow), prop sitting(leaning forward propped on their hands) helps protective reactions with the weight-bearing, side sitting, independent sitting, w sit (unless only choice in order to develop hand eye coordination)long sit, righting, protective and equilibrium reactions ( transitional)
kneeling: full, tall, half
Standing: standing at support surface, independent