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What is mechanism of myasthenia gravis? What drug can be used to alleviate symptoms?

autoantibodies against nictonic acetylcholine receptor (Nm) in neruomuscular junction. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.


where is median nerve located? muscle is innervated by median nerve? what does ulnar nerve innervate? what do these muscles do?

anterior to supracondylar region of humerus in elbow. flexor carpi radialis (major wrist flexor in forearm with radial deviation) other is flexor carpi ulnaris (wrist flexion and ulnar deviation)


where does short saphenous vein drain? where does long saphenous vein drain? where do most skin structures drain? name one exception.

lymph nodes in popliteal fossa, lymph nodes in inguinal area, long, lateral aspect of the dorsum of the foot.


obturator nerve innervates muscles of the medial thigh to what? the thigh at the hip. the femoral nerve does not do this because it innervates the what? to do what?

adduct the thigh at the hip, anterior compartment muscles to flex the thigh at the hip and extend the leg at the knee.


urine that turns black at room temperature is indicative of what? the complication that leads to joint pain is what?

alkaptonuria (arthritic disease caused by a deficiency of homogentisic acid); orchronosis (blue black pigment) develops and deposits in articular cartilage of joints


blank should be used to treat acute gout because is does blank? why not xanthine oxidase inhibitors?

colchicine or NSAIDs because it is an inhibitor of leukocyte migration and phagocytosis. allopurinol and febuxostat shouldn't be use acutely b/c they can initially precipitate and attack, much be used with colchicine or NSAIDs


blank innervates the serratus anterior muscle not the dorsal scapular nerve. the dorsal scapular nerve innervates blank? what do these muscles do? paralysis results in?

long thoracic nerve, rhomboideus major and minor (retract scapula) sam (upward rotation of scapula needed for full abduction or flexion at shoulder), winged shoulder


the borders of the right ventricle are blank not the right atrium. the borders of the right atrium are blank.

anterior wall of heart. right: upper (rib 3) lower (rib 6); left: upper (rib 2) lower (rib 5).
right border of heart: upper (rib 3) lower (rib 6)


One serious complication in pauciarticular JIA is blank? along with joint pain.

uveitis: usually asymptomatic inflammation of anterior chamber of the eye-can lead to blindness. send child to see eye doctor


IgA is deficiency is a risk factor for blank?



rash of systemic JIA?

comes and goes with scratching, on belly or ankles in kids and adults (adult onset Still's Disease)