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What are the 3 regions of the nasal cavity?

Respiratory region
Olfactory Region


What is the vestibule of the nasal cavity?

Slightly expanded anterior part of the nasal passage just inside the nares
Lumen has keratinized, stratified squamous epithelium


What is the respiratory region of the nasal cavity?

Has ciliated, pseudostratified, columnar epithelium with goblet cells
Lamina contains seromucous glands
Mucous membrane that exists to warm and humidify the air


What cells are contained in the olfactory region?

Contains the olfactory nerves (peripheral receptors for olfactory sensation)


What are the 3 nasal conchae, and which are a part of the ethmoid bone and which is a separate bone?

The superior, middle, and inferior conchae
Superior and middle conchae are a part of the ethmoid bone, and the inferior nasla concha is a separate bone


What is the name of the space in between the nasal conchae?

Superior nasal meatus
Middle nasal meatus
Inferior nasal meatus


Where is the sphenoethmoidal recess?

It is above the superior nasal concha


What are the special features of the lateral nasal wall?

Ethmoid bulla (which contains the middle ethmoid air cells)
Semilunar hiatus
Infundibulum (funnel shaped end of the semilunar hiatus and opens into the frontal sinus via the frontonasal duct)


What are the 5 gateways into the nasal cavities?

Cribiform plate of ethmoid bone
Sphenopalatine foramen
Incisive canal
Small foramina in the lateral wall


What are the 3 major structures traveling through the spenopalatine foramen, and where is it?***

It is just superior to the attachment of the posterior end of the middle nasal concha
Major structures traversing the foramen:
Sphenopalatine artery (branch of maxillary artery)
Nasopalatine nerve (from maxillary nerve V2)
Upper posterior nasal nerves (from maxillary nerve V2)


What are the 2 major structures traveling through the incisive canal?

Nasopalatine nerve
Terminal branch of the greater palatine artery


What structures pass through the unnamed small foramina in the lateral wall?

Nasal branch of the anterior superior alveolar nerve
Lower posterior nasal branches enter from the greater palatine canal


What passes through the naris?

Branches of the facial artery
Internal nasal branches of the infraorbital nerve


What artery is the main blood supply of the nasal cavity, and what is it a terminal branch of?***

Sphenopalatine artery
Is the terminal branch of the maxillary artery


How does the sphenopalatine artery enter the nasal cavity, and what are 3 things it anastomoses with?

Enters the cavity through the sphenopalatine foramen
Anastomoses with:
Anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries
Facial artery
Greater palatine artery


How does the greater palatine artery enter the nasal cavity, and what does it anastomose with? What does it supply?

Enters via the incisive foramen and anastomoses with branch of sphenopalatine artery
Supplies the anterior medial wall and adjacent floor of nasal cavity


What are all the arteries that supply the nasal cavity, and what is the main one?

Main artery is the sphenopalatine artery

Others include greater palatine artery, branches of the facial artery, and anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries


What are the main nerves of the nasal cavity?

Olfactory nerve
Branches of the ophthalmic (V1) division of trigeminal
Branches of maxillary (V2) division of trigeminal


What are the branches of the ophthalmic nerve of the trigeminal (V1) that supplies the nasal cavity?

Anterior ethmoidal nerve
Posterior ethmoidal nerve


What is the path of the anterior ethmoidal nerve?

Enters the anterior ethmoidal foramen:
-Supplies middle and anterior ethmoidal air cells
Enters cranial cavity at side of cribiform plate of the ethmoid
-sends sensory fibers to meninges
Enters nasal cavity through the nasal slit
-gives off sensory fibers to anterior part of nasal septum and anterior parts of lateral walls
Leaves nasal cavity as the external nasal branch which supplies the skin on lower half of the nose


What is the path of the posterior ethmoidal nerve?**

Enters the posterior ethmoidal foramen
-supplies fibers to sphenoidal air sinuses and posterior ethmoidal air cells
****Normally does NOT enter the nasal cavities


What are the branches from the maxillary division (V2) of the trigeminal that supply the nasal cavity?

(first 3 are from pterygopalatine ganglion)
1. Upper posterior nasal nerves
2. Nasopalatine nerves (largest)
3. Lower posterior nasal nerves (which originate from the greater palatine nerves)
4. Branch from anterior superior alveolar branch of infraorbital nerve


What do the upper posterior nerves supply in the nasal cavity? What is it a branch of?

Is a branch of the maxillary division of trigeminal; originate in the pterygopalatine ganglion
Supplies posterior portions of lateral walls and nasal septum


What do the nasopalatine nerves supply in the nasal cavity supply, and what are they a branch of?

Branch of the maxillary division of trigeminal; originate in the pterygopalatine ganglion
Supplies nasal septum and the mucosa immediately behind incisor teeth


What do the lower posterior nasal nerves in the nasal cavity supply, and what are they a branch of?

Are a branch of the maxillary division of trigeminal; originate from pterygopalatine ganglion
Supply the lower posterior parts of lateral walls


What do the branches from the superior alveolar branch supply, and what are they branches of?

Branches of the infraorbital nerve (continuation of maxillary)
Supply the lateral wall near anterior end of inferior nasal concha


What are the paranasal sinuses?

Diverticula of the nasal cavity which grow into the surrounding bones
Aid in mucus production
lined with respiratory epithelium


What is the nerve and blood supply of frontal sinuses?

Nerve: supraorbital branch, orbital branches of maxillary
Blood: anterior ethmoidal arteries


What is the nerve and blood supply of the maxillary sinuses?

Nerve: superior alveolar and infraorbital nerves
Blood: superior alveolar and infraorbital arteries


What is the nerve and blood supply of the ethmoidal air cells?

Nerve: anterior and posterior ethmoidal nerves, orbital branches of maxillary nerve
Blood: anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries


What type of fibers are brought in by the nerve supplies to the sinuses?

Sensory fibers AND parasympathetic fibers


What are the sphenoidal sinuses related to?

-Optic nerves and optic chiasma
-Pituitary gland
It is near the cavernous sinus, therefore:
-Cranial nerves III, IV, V1, V2, and VI
-Internal carotid artery


What is the nerve and blood supply for the posterior ethmoidal artery?

Nerve: posterior ethmoidal nerve, orbital branches of maxillary
Blood: posterior ethmoidal artery


What do the maxillary sinuses drain into? Frontal sinuses?

Maxillary: Middle meatus (hiatus semilunaris)
Frontal: Middle meatus (infundibulum via frontonasal duct)


What do the ethmoidal air cells drain into (the anterior, middle, and posterior cells?

Anterior: middle meatus (infundibulum)
Middle: middle meatus (top of ethmoid bulla)
Posterior: superior meatus


What do the sphenoidal sinuses drain into? The nasolacrimal duct?

Sphenoidal: Sphenoethmoidal recess
Nasolacrimal duct: inferior meatus