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Where are the postganglionic SNS fibers located?

- walls of the organs (short)


What type of nerves are the pelvic nerves?

- S2-4
- contribute formation pelvic plexus
- only splanchnic nerves carry PNS


What structures does the pelvic nerves supply?

- descending colon
- sigmoid colon
- viscera in pelvis and perineum


What comprises the hypogastric plexus?

- ascending fibers - PNS fibers
- descending fibers - SNS fibers
- fibers synapse and follow BV


Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve

- L2-L3
- emerges from lateral side of psoas muscle
- runs from in front of iliacus and behind inguinal ligament
- innervates skin of anterior and lateral thigh


Genitofemoral Nerve

- L1-L2
- emerges on the front of psoas muscle
- descends on anterior surface of psoas
- divides genital and femoral branch


What does the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve innervate?

- enters inguinal canal through deep inguinal ring to reach spermatic cord
- supplies cremaster muscle of scrotum


What does the femoral branch of the genitofemoral nerve innervate?

- supplies the skin of the femoral triangle


Obturator nerve

- L3-L4
- arises from 2nd, 3erd, 4th lumbar nerves
- descends along medial border of psoas muscle
- runs forward on lateral wall of pelvis and enters thigh through obturator foramen
- divides into anterior and posterior branches


What do the anterior and posterior branches of obturator nerve innervate?

- innervates adductor group of muscles
- pectineus
- hip, knee joints
- skin on medial side of thigh


Subcostal nerve

- T12
- runs behind lateral lumbocostal arch and in front of quadratus lumborum
- penetrates transverse abdominal muscle to run between it and internal oblique muscle
- innervates external oblique, internal oblique, transverse, rectus abdominis, pyramidalis muscles