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During quiet expiration, what structures contract?

elastic tissue in the lungs and thoracic wall


Greater splanchnic nerve is destroyed - what nerve fibers are injured?

GVA and preganglionic sympathetic fibers


White rami communicates at level of T6 are injured - this results in degeneration of nerve cell bodies in which structure?

Dorsal root ganglion and lateral horn of the spinal cord (preganglionic sympathetic GVE and GVA)


What cell bodies are contained in the sympathetic chain ganglion?

postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers


Bleeding from vein that is accompanied by posterior interventricular artery. Which of the following veins is most likely to be ruptured?

Middle cardiac vein


What comprises the largest portion of the sternocostal surface of the heart seen on radiograph?

Right ventricle


A damaged interventricular septum may indicate which value is defective?

tricuspid valve (arises from the interventricular septum)


A thoracic surgeon removed the right middle lobar (secondary) bronchus along with lung tissue with lung cancer. Which of the following bronchopulmonary segments must contain cancerous tissues?

Medial and lateral


A tumor on eparterial bronchus - which airway is blocked?

Right superior bronchus (all other bronchi are hyarterial bronchi)


Laceration of right phrenic nerve - what condition has occurred?

-loss of sensation in the pericardium and mediastinal pleura (contains GSE, GSA, GVE)
- phrenic nerve supplies pericardium, mediastinum, and diaphragmatic pleura and diaphragm


Atrial septal defect - congenital heart defect - which vein opens into hypertrophied atrium?

Anterior cardiac vein (drains into right atrium)


Lung cancer near cardiac notch - which of the lobes needs to be excised?

superior lobe of left lung (cardiac notch is in deep indentation of anterior border superior lobe left lung)


Pleural effusion - needle should be inserted at midaxillary line between which ribs to avoid puncturing lung?

Ribs 8 and 10


Occulsion at origin of descending thoracic aorta - this condition would most likely decrease blood flow to which intercostal artery?

Lower 9 posterior


MI in area of apex of heart. The occlusion is where?

Anterior interventricular artery


Lung carcinoma in left lung - which of the following structures are characteristics of cancerous lung?



Advanced cancer in posterior mediastinum - dilemma as to how to manage the condition - what is most likely damange?

Hemiazygous vein


Tumor located superior to root of right lung. Blood flow in which of the following veins is most likely blocked?

Arch of the azygous vein (arches over root of right lung and empties into superior vena cava)


Cystic fibrosis blocked which structure?

terminal bronchioles


Advanced cancer spread into right third intercostal space posterior to the midaxillary line. If cancer cells are carried in venous drainage, they would travel first to which of the following veins?

Right superior intercostal vein


Thrombosis in both brachiocephalic veins - this condition would most likely cause dilation of which vein?

Left superior intercostal (formed by 2, 3 and 4th posterior intercostal vein and drains into left brachiocephalic vein)


Occlusion of circumflex branch of LCA - suffering from MI in which area?

Left atrium and ventricle


Solid tumor in mediastinum, which is confined at level of sternal angle. Which of the following structures would most likely be found at this level?

Bifurcation of trachea (sternal angle is at junction of manubrium and body of sternum)


Fractured left 3erd rib and structures with which it articulated. Which structures are damaged?

Body of second thoracic vertebrae (3erd rib articulates with body of sternum, bodies of 2nd and 3erd thoracic vertebrae, transverse process of 3erd thoracic vertebra)


Tumor in posterior mediastinum - results in compression of which structure?

Descending aorta (found in both superior and posterior medistinum)


Inability to maintain constant tension on cusps of AV valve - which structure is most likely damaged?

Chordae tendineae


MI in right coronary artery blocked by a fat globule after giving off the right marginal artery - which structure may have oxygen deficiency?

AV node


Tension pneumothorax - to avoid injury of the intercostal neurovascular bundle, the needle may be inserted in which of the following locations?

Above the upper border of the ribs


Which structure branches into the bronchial arteries?

Descending (thoracic) aorta


The left coronary artery arises from which structure?

Right and left coronary arteries arise from the ascending aorta


What structure contains septomarginal trabecula?

Right ventricle


What structure takes its origin from the left ventricle and ends at the sternal angle?

Ascending aorta takes its origin from the left ventricle and ends at the level of the sternal angle by becoming the arch of the aorta