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What is the artery to the foregut?

- celiac trunk


What is the artery to the midgut?

- superior mesenteric artery


What is the artery to the hindgut?

- inferior mesenteric artery


What does the superior mesenteric artery supply?

- everything from the jejunum to the transverse colon


What is the vascular distinction between the jejunum and ileum?

- jejunum has a longer vasa recta, few arcades than ileum


What are the branches of the superior mesenteric artery?

1. middle colic
2. ileocolic
3. right colic


What arteries branch from the middle colic artery?

Right --> Right colic artery
Left --> Left colic artery
Anastomtic Channel --> Marginal Artery (along large intestine)


What arteries branch from the inferior mesenteric artery?

1. left colic artery
2. sigmoid arteries
3. superior rectal artery


What is significant about the superior rectal artery?

- termination of inferior mesenteric artery
- divides into 2 branches and anastomoses with middle and inferior rectal arteries
- portal cava anastomoses (portal system and vena cava come together)


Where does the inferior mesenteric artery begin?

- splenic flexture


What artery has three weak anastomoses?

- marginal artery


What is the first paired branches of arteries from the aorta (T12)?

- inferior phrenic arteries


What side of the renal artery is longer?

- Right renal artery is longer (aorta to the left)


What side of the renal vein is longer?

- Left renal vein is longer (vena cava to the right)


What forms the portal vein?

- union of splenic vein and superior mesenteric vein posterior to the neck of the pancreas


What vein bisects the splenic and superior mesenteric vein?

- inferior mesenteric vein joins either the splenic or superior mesenteric vein or the junction of the two


What is special about the hepatic veins?

- they don't enter or leave the liver at the sametime
- drain into inferior vena cava


What structures drain into the portal vein?

- abdominal part of gut
- spleen
- pancreas
- gallbladder
(basically fore, mid, hindgut)


What are the five portal-caval anastomoses

1. left gastric vein & esophageal vein of azygous
2. superior rectal vein & middle & inferior rectal vein
3 &4. right and left umbilical vein & superficial & inferior epigastric veins
5. retroperitoneal veins draining colon, renal, and gonadal veins


What is the caput medusae?

- dilated veins radiation from umbilicus which occurs because paraumbilical veins enclosed in free margin of falciform ligament anastomose with branches of epigastric veins around umbilicus (immediately under the skin)


What causes hemorrhoids?

- dilated veins in rectum and anal canal because of enlargement of veins around anal canal