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Injury to femoral nerve

Can occur in stab or gunshot wounds
Can't extend leg at knee, hip flexion trouble
Wasting of quads
No sensation anterior and middle thigh


Injury to obturator nerve

paralysis of adductor mm
no sensation over medial thigh
Can occur from pressure on nerve by fetal head during pregnancy


Meralgia paresthetica

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment
occurs near the ASIS as the nerve passes under the inguinal ligament
Tight jeans
Sensory alteration and/or burning pain on lateral thigh
during delivery in straps
complication of surgery (eg hernia)


Sciatic nerve lesions path



Sciatic nerve lesions causes

Fractures (pelvis, femur, tibia, fibular head, ankle)
Dislocations (hip, knee, ankle)
Latrogenic reasons (glut injection, hip surgery, meniscal repair, improper positioning during surgery)
Compression from internal sources - piriformis syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, ganglion, motor's foot
Compression from external source - against fib head, crossing legs, trauma


Sciatic nerve symptoms

Pain at butt and down lateral leg and possibly to lateral foot
foot drop - paralysis of dorsiflexions and everters
leads to steppage gait


tarsal tunnel syndrome

The tibial nerve can be compressed at the ankle as it passes through the tarsal tunnel.
Tarsal tunnel is formed by the medial malleolus, calcaneous and talus (on the floor of the tunnel) and the flexor retinaculum on the roof


Tarsal tunnel syndrome causes

Swelling after trauma
space-occupying lesion (eg. ganglion)
Inflammation (eg. paratendonitis)
Valgus deformity
chronic inversion


Tarsal tunnel syndrome symptoms

pain and paresthesia into sole of foot
-symptoms often worse after long periods of standing or walking or at night
has been misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis


what is difference between tarsal tunnel syndrome and planter fasciitis

Planter fasciitis pain in the morning, getting of bed
Tarsal tunnel syndrome pain at night or walking/standing