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what is the leading cause of firefighter fatalities

cardiac arrest p170


an effective way to reduce cardiac arrest and other health issues is the implementation of an organizational health and wellness program. The program should include:

education in and the application of proper nutrition, exercise, and the cessation of tobacco products. 170


what are the three distinct sections of a risk management plan?

community risk assessment, organizational risk management, and operational risk management 170


what is the leading injury among responders

sprains and strains 172


the majority of injuries occurred during which activities?

fire attack and search and rescue activities 172


who may contribute to unsafe acts or conditions?

an individual, member of the crew, or an outside force 172


during normal fire conditions, the maximum survival time for civilians is ____________minutes?

10 minutes 173


the majority of firefighter line of duty deaths occurs within the first _____minutes after arriving on the scene

12 minutes 173


the combination of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) commonly found at structural fires is toxic at ____ppm(parts per million)

135 ppm p.173


it takes ____ firefighters approximately ___ minutes to rescue a lost or downed firefighter?

16 firefighters 35 minutes p.173


___ is the process of identifying and analyzing the exposure to hazards, selecting/implementing appropriate techniques to handle exposures, implementing chosen techniques, and monitoring the results of those techniques.

risk management p170


the maximization of health and safety in the fire and emergency services is directly related to:

policies and procedures designed to reduce risk. p.170


which of the three sections of the overall risk management plan is not a direct function of the company officer? community, organizational, operational

community risk assessment. p170


a blueprint to reducing firefighter deaths and injuries?

firefighter life safety initiatives p173


originally an email group, website that produces an independent newsletter and shares information about ff injuries and fatalities?

firefighter close p.173


standard on fire department occupational health and safety program

NFPA 1500 p175


standard for fire department safety officer

NFPA 1521 p175


standard on emergency services incident management systems

NFPA 1561 p175


standard on fire department infection control program

NFPA 1581 p.175


standard on comprehensive occupational medical program for fire departments

NFPA 1582 p175


standard on the rehabilitation process for members during emergency operations and training exercises

NFPA 1584 p.175


standard on selection, care, and maintenance of open circuit self contained breathing apparatus

NFPA 1852 p.175


respiratory protection-OSHA standard

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 p.175


basic to all safety policies and procedures is the establishment of a ___________

health and safety program p.175


10 rules to encourage firefighters to pursue healthier lifestyles.

National Volunteer Fire Council's (NVFC) rules of engagement for firefighter health p.175


voluntary, confidential, non-punitive and secure reporting system with the goal of improving firefighter safety. this system is a cooperative effort between IAFC and IAFF.

National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System p175


11 rules that provide guidance to the incident commanders regarding risk and safety issues when operation on the fire ground.

IAFC Incident Commander's Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Safety. p175


11 rules that provide guidance to individual firefighters regarding risk and safety issues when operating on the fire ground.

IAFC Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Survival p175


designed to improve safety, quality and consistent delivery of EMS and collects data from EMS practitioners in order to develop policies, procedures, and training programs to improve safe delivery of EMS.

EVENT EMS voluntary event notification tool p173


non for profit think tank, consortium group with a mission to promote an EMS safety innovation, collaboration, research, knowledge, transfer, education, and safety information dissemination.

EMS safety foundation p.173