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company officers should address safety issues with their personnel how often?

each shift p.176


work place safety consists of activates that ensures a safe work environment and protects employees from:

job related injuries, illnesses, and exposure to hazardous materials. p.176


the work place can generally be divided into what parts in regards to workplace safety?

emergency scene, en route, to and from emergency scene and facilities. p.176


when is a perfect opportunity for company officers to provide safety briefings?

roll call p.176


some accidents can be controlled while en route to and from though what things?

apparatus design, maintenance, and driver/operator training and certification p177


when should unsafe acts be addressed?

immediately p177


emergency scene injuries or fatalities can be prevented or reduced through the application of ____?

policies and procedures that regulate emergency scene activities. p.179


unsafe acts are internal or external factors?

internal factors that the company officer or member of the crew performs. p179


unsafe conditions are internal or externally controlled?

externally controlled and should be recognized and addressed appropriately p.179


when should scene safety be taught in training programs?

before company officers or crew members are ever allowed to respond to an emergency. p.179


what is the best way to ensure that responders do not perform unsafe acts during an incident?

training p. 179


unsafe conditions are a product of what?

emergency scene environment p179


in regards to facilities, what is one of the best methods for providing a safe workplace?

proper maintenance p. 179


in regards to facilities who is responsible for reporting the need for repairs an ensuring that they are completed along with the safe operation and maintenance?

company officer or building managers p179


how often should facilities be inspected?

annually and in accordance with the organizational policies. p180


who is responsible for providing subordinates with information on the organization's health and safety program?

the company officer p180


what should the organizations health and safety program include?

information on emergency and non emergency safety practices, overall wellness and fitness, inspections and accident investigations. p.180


what is the most common cause of firefighter fatalities?

cardiac arrest p 180


how can wellness be addressed?

through education, fitness, and nutrition p180


safety related inspections are meant to ensure the integrity of equipment, vehicles, facilities and personnel _______?

qualifications p181


company officers may be asked to conduct safety inspections when?

any time p181


proper integrity works with risk analysis to ensure safety becomes what?

the end product p181


which vehicles should the company officer conduct safety inspections on?

any that are assigned to their facility p182


NFPA 1581

standard for fire department infection control program p183


what are the vaccination requirements for infection control?

anthrax, hep b virus, annual flu and tb p183


NFPA 1584

standard on the rehabilitation process for members during emergency operations and training exercise p184


this is allowing firefighters or rescuers to rest, rehydrate, and recover during an incident: also refers to a station at an incident where personnel can rest, rehydrate, and recover?

rehabilitation p183


who holds the ultimate responsibility of providing a safe work place?

the organization p176


who is responsible to implement policies and procedures and report the need for any maintenance or replacement of unsafe equipment?

the company officer p176


what is the final portion of the investigation report?

a narrative description of the incident p 184