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"Before start checklist to the line" is a trigger for what?

Fuel Pumps - Set
Checklist - Read


What is the FO flow sequence after push and start clearance is received?

Electric Hydraulic Pumps - ON
Anti Coll. Light - ON
Transponder - XPND


Before taxi, the captain calls "Flap __". What is the correct flow?

Flaps - Set
Engine Generators - On
Pitot Heat - On
Anti Ice - As Required
Packs - Auto
(Isolation Valve - Auto)
Apu Bleed Valve - Off
FLT/GRD Switch - FLT
Eng. Start Switches - CONT
Recall - Check


The PPPEDS brief is done as close to line up as possible. Describe it.

Position - Update FMS Position
Pumps - Check, if centre less than 1000kgs, OFF
Perf - Flap setting, any changes?
Emergency - Special Procedure?
Departure - Correct in FMS?
Stop Altitude - Confirm


When entering the runway, what items are the FO responsible for?

FMS - update position
Strobes - On
Wx Radar / Terr - On
Transponder - TA/RA


When passing FL100, the PF goes through the F.L.A.P.S check, what is this?



After landing, the taxi route is acknowledged and understood and the aircraft has vacated the runway. What are the FO flow items?

Note time
APU - Start
Pitot Heat - OFF
LDG / Taxi / Rwy Turnoff lights - As Required
Engine Start Switches - OFF
FLT/GND switch - GND
WX Radar - OFF (both)
Autobrake - OFF
Flap Lever - UP
Transponder - XPNDR or SBY
APU GEN - ON (If available)
"After landing scan complete"


When the engine levers are set to CUTOFF, what are the FO flow items?

Fasten Seatbelts - OFF (if no towing)
Fuel Pumps - OFF
Wing / Eng Anti Ice - OFF
Elec. Hyd Pumps - OFF (if req)
Packs - OFF (or as req)
Anti Col Lgt - OFF (N1 <5%)
Flight Directors - OFF
MCP IAS - Minimum
MCP Alt - 9900
Transponder - 0000 SBY


"Starting Engine number__" triggers the FO to start the engine start sequence. What are the items?

Packs - OFF
APU Bleed - ON
Engine start switch - GRD (start timer)
(46% N2; "Starter Cutout")


During the before start procedure, the load sheet and performance calculation have been completed; what are the final steps before the before start checklist is read?

Captain: Reads out ZFW and enters into FMC
Enters cruise C of G
FO: Enters ATM data, T/O C of G, V Speeds.
Sets MCP V2
Both: Set ASI bugs
Captain: Sets stab trim


What is the correct response (in the climb) to the PM calling "Flight Level One Hundred"?

"Check, altimeters set, climbing Flight Level ___ "


What is the correct response (in the descent) to the PM calling "Flight Level One Hundred"?

"Check, altimeters set, descending Flight Level ___ MSA ____ feet"


On an ILS, when should the missed approach altitude be set?

GS Capture


What's the correct call when passing the approach fix?

"Approach fix, ____ feet" ("crosschecked")


What's the correct call at the '1000' radalt callout?

"Man-land, ___ft baro, missed approach altitude set"
"Autoland, __ft radio, missed approach altitude set"


What is the correct flow after the "Flaps up, no lights" call in the climb?

Landing gear lever - Off
Autobrake - Off
Retractable landing lights - Off
Engine Start Switches - Off (or as needed)
Verify engine bleeds and packs are operating and aircraft is pressurising correctly