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Top-down approach

the profiler has experienced and can use the evidence at the crime scene to develop a profile of the likely criminal (1970's, FBI)


Bottom-up approach

research and statistics of similar crime are used to develop a profile based on previous convictions


Top-down approach = 7 stage process

1 - Murder type = isolated incident. Serial killer by the same person over a period of time. Mass murderer - kill in one location over a time period. One event, several locations
2 - Primary intent = Deliberate, pre-meditated or not
3 - Victim risk = the vulnerability of the victim.
4 - Offender risk = how much risk the offender actually took in committing the crime.
5 - Escalation = how behaviours have been increased to the degree of severity
6 - Time factors = time of day, indicate aspects of the offenders routine
7 - Location factors = informs about transport options, residence.