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Sexual selection

Support = buss
Weakness = Buller - carried out on undergrad female students who expect high education and prospects hence why the prefer men with financial status.
= problem in validity as they show expressed preferences instead of actual preferences


Self disclosure

Support = Collin and Miller
= Sprecher (2013)
Weakness = methodology - correlation doesn’t tell if its a valid conclusion. Experimental doesn’t have great validity.


Matching hypothesis

Support = Dion eat al
Weakness = individual differences - some people don’t attach to physical attractiveness.
= original study - failed to confirm the hypothesis maybe due to the measure of attractiveness being unreliable as the rafters only had a few seconds to pick and rate.


Filter theory

Support = face validity - most peoples experiences can be over time. Similarities are important at the beginning. Complimentary of needs is important once imitated.
Weakness = lack of temporal validity - online dating has reduced the importance of social demography. Easier to meet potential mates but at a high cost.


Social Exchange theory

Support = looking at how people in relationships deal with potential alternatives. Reduce the means of protecting the relationship.
Weakness = it argues that dissatisfaction sets in when we suspect that costs outweigh the rewards or that alternatives are more attractive



Support = utne - measuring couples who saw themselves as equitable were more satisfied then those over or under benefitting themselves.
Weakness = lack of predictive validity - research indicates that there is no association between degree of equity and the future of the relationship


Rusbult investment theory

Support = Explains abusive relationships - women are most likely to return to their abusive partner because they have greater investment within the relationship and fewer attractive alternatives
Weakness = oversimplifies investment - investment might be lower in early stages as they don’t live together etc. They then make their future plans and commitment increases.



Support = real-life — helps identify stages of a breakdown but also suggests ways of revising it and recognise the different repairs strategies.
Weakness = cultural bias - western cultures usually volunteer and come to an end in their relationship. Unlikely that relationship breakdown is identical in different cultures



Support = face to face may be limit d to hedging around issues or small talk. pace and depth at which people are prepare to disclose online is confirmed by this
Weakness = theories that approach computer-mediated communication neglect the richness and variety and are unlikely to be completely valid explanations



Support = Maltby (2003) EPQ to assess relationships between PSR levels and intensity of loneliness
Weakness = methodology- mostly self-report and correlation designs. Doesn’t give clear conclusions and allows people to lie.