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Define normal sexuality

Non destructive interplay between consenting adults


What are two *criteria* that apply to all paraphic disorder

Fantasies, urges or behaviours that cause distress or impairement
Lasting at least 6 months


What are the criteria to fetishistic disorder ?

A. Sexual arousal from the use of non living objects by themselves or a non-genital body part (partialism )
B. Must cause distress or impairment


What are the criteria to transvestic disorder?

A. Sexual arousak from cross dressing
B. Must cause distress or impairment


What are three points to keep in mind about transvestism disorder ?

Not more prone to psychological disturbance
Increases marital problems
Diagnosis excludes : female impersonators, drag queens


What is the criteria for exhivitionist disorder ?

A. Sexual arousal from genital self exposure to an unsuspecting stranger


For an exbitionist, gratification results from....

The woman’s response


What are five criteria for voyeuristic disorder ?

A. Sexual arousal from watching on unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or having sex.
B. Individual is at least 18.


What is the typical profile of an exhibitionist or voyeur?

A shy and immature young man.
Feelings of social and sexual inferiority.
Most are not dangerous.


What is the crieteria for sadism ?

A. Sexual arousal from physical or emotional harm to another.


What is sexual masochism.

A. Sexual Arousal from being physically or emotionally harmed.


Describe sadist-masochist relationships

. Without a partner mag resort to proatitutes.
. Sadist with out partners may rape.
. Typical profile :
- most often heterosexual
-often affluent and well educated.
-undiaturbes by their behaviour


What are the criteria to frotteuristic disorder?

A. Sexual arousal from touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person


What are the criteria to pedophilic disorder ?

A. Sexual urges, fantasies of behaviour involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child.
B. The person is at least 16 yrs old and at least five years older than the child.


Two types of child molesters

Situational molester.
Preference molester


What are the myths about pedophiles?

The typical pedophile is a dirty old man.
Child molestation is committed by strangers.
Child molestation involves physical violence
Child molestation is an isolated event.


Describe the lasting effects on the victims of pedophiles

Depression and other mental disorders.
Self destructive behaviour
Low self esteem
Drug abuse.
Inappropriate choice of partners


What are the causes of paraphilias?

Inability to develop appropriate social relations.
Classical /operant conditioning
-early experiences
Sexual abuse


What are the treatments of paraphilias ?

Aversive therapy.
Replacing inappropriate fantasies
Chemical castration
Social skills training
Therapy to deal with personal issues