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What are the four primary peripheral bus technologies supported by Mac computers running OS X?

• Universal Serial Bus (USB)
• FireWire
• Thunderbolt
• Bluetooth wireless


Which action must take place for a Mac to communicate with a Bluetooth peripheral? Where can this be configured?

Devices must be paired to each other. Bluetooth preferences (from status menu as well)


What’s a device driver? Which three primary types of device drivers are there?

Software specially designed to facilitate the communication between OS X and a peripheral.
1) kernel extensions,
2) framework plug-ins
3) standalone applications.


How does OS X support third-party devices without needing third-party device drivers?

Uses built-in generic drivers based on each device class.


What can you infer about a connected peripheral if it doesn’t appear in the System Information application?

The issue is likely to be hardware related.


What does CUPS do?

Manages all printing for OS X, including both local and shared printing.


What are PPD files responsible for?

Instruct the CUPS system on how to communicate with specific printer models.


What’s the best source for acquiring printer drivers for OS X?

let the software update system automatically download and install the appropriate printer drivers.
Or you can manually download and install printer drivers from the Apple support website.


Under what circumstances can a standard (nonadministrative) user configure a printer?

Can only configure directly attached or local network printers from the Print dialog.


How do you share printers with other users?

From Print & Scan or Sharing preferences.


How can you select a new printer driver for a configured

It depends on the printer. From Printing & Scanning preferences, sometimes you can simply select a new printer driver from the Options & Supplies dialog. In many cases though, to select a new printer driver for a configured printer you must delete and then add the printer again.


If it appears that all configured printers are having problems, what’s a potential quick fix?

Reset the entire printing system by using secondary (or Control-) click in the printer list and then choosing “Reset printing system.”


What are the 4 primary system initialization stages (with the visual and audible cues) in OS X?

1)firmware, startup chime or bright flash of the power-on light, followed by a light-gray screen on the primary display;
2) booter, a dark-gray Apple logo on the primary display;
3) kernel, a small dark-gray spinning gear or spinning Earth icon below the Apple logo;
4) system launchd, a white screen on all displays followed by the login screen.


What does the firmware do? What’s the POST?

Initializes the Mac computer’s hardware and locates the booter file on a system volume. The Power-On Self-Test (POST) checks for basic hardware functionality when the Mac powers on.


What role does the system launchd process serve during
system startup?

ultimately responsible for starting every system process. It also manages system initialization and starts the loginwindow process.


Which 2 items are automatically started by the system
launchd during the system initialization process?

1) /System/ Library/LaunchDaemons, / Library/LaunchDaemons, /Library/StartupItems (via SystemStarter),
2) /etc/rc.local UNIX script if it exists.


What are the primary user session stages (with visual and audible cues) in OS X?

1) The loginwindow process displays the login
2) The user launchd process loads applications like the
Finder after user authentication,
3) the user environment is active any time the user is logged in to the system.


What’s the difference between launch daemons, startup items, launch agents, and login items?

Launch daemons and startup items open during system initialization by the system launchd process on behalf of
the root user. Launch agents and login items open during the initialization of the user environment by the user’s specific launchd process.


What are Safe Sleep and Power Nap?

Safe Sleep saves the system’s state to permanent storage in cases where the computer’s battery drains completely.
Power Nap allows the Mac to automatically wake in a low-power mode so the system can perform a variety of application and system updates.


What 7 thing happens during user logout?

1) the user’s loginwindow process does the following:
2) requests that all user applications quit,
3) automatically quits any user background processes
4) runs any logout scripts,
5) records the logout to the main system.log file,
6) resets device permissions and preferences to their defaults,
7) quits the user’s loginwindow and launchd processes.


What happens during system shutdown?

the loginwindow process logs all users out and then tells the kernel to quit all remaining system processes. Once the kernel quits all system processes, the Mac shuts down.


Which keyboard shortcut is used to Safe Boot OS X?

holding down the Shift key during system startup.


Which keyboard shortcut can be used to temporarily choose another startup disk?

Holding down the Option key at startup


Which changes are made when OS X Safe Boots?

1) attempting to repair the system volume structure,
2) deleting system KEXT caches
3) deleting font caches.


Which items aren’t loaded when OS X Safe Boots?

1) third-party KEXTs,
2)third-party launch agents,
3)third-party launch daemons,
4) third-party startup items,
5) third-party fonts,
6) any user login items, or any user-specific launch agents.


How do you further resolve an issue that disappears when the Mac successfully safe-boots? Best way to resolve?

you must find and remove the third-party startup resource that caused the issue.
The best way to isolate the problem is to start up the Mac in Verbose mode and then observe where the startup process fails. Verbose mode is initiated by holding down Command-V during system startup.