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Is it affordable to sequence your genome these days?

Yes! Same as many medical procedures


What is the deal with the Beery Twins?

Had DRD (a rare genetic disease) and genomics help discover the disease



Study of the role of genetics in drug response


How does looking a genetics in drugs help?

Drugs could be designed specifically for a persons genome and reduce risks



is a prodrug that kills cancerous blood cells (leukemia) by inhibiting purine de novo synthesis (PDNS).


How can genomics help with Azathripurine

IT can be used to determine the correct dosage for different pateints because some metabolize the drugs quickly and others do not. This is discovered by seeing if pateints have active TPMT enzymes. If they have 2 TPMT enzymes they can metabolize the drug faster


How is genetic testing being used on athletes?

-Genetic testing is being used to predict injury risk and to detect medical conditions with the aim of preventing harm to athletes
• Companies offer testing to help parents and children use genetics to decide what sport to pursue.
• The role of genetic testing in sports presents a number of personal and societal questions.


ACTN3 (actinin)

The speed gene found in some percentage of olympic athletes


Sickle Cell Trait

A trait in athletes linked to complications. Should athletes be tested for this and they not allowed to play?


SHort Term Repeats

repetitive elements in non-coding DNA that have a high mutation rate.


Forensic DNA profiling

the inference of externally visible traits and biogeographic ancestry from crime scene DNA