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Come across

I came across some money in the street.
- find something you weren’t looking for. Come across isn’t generally used for people, instead we use ‘run into’.

Lucy came across really well during the interview.
- give an impression (of your character)

The artist’s love for his wife really comes across in this portrait of her.
- be easily noticed / be clear (when we are talking about an idea expressed in writing / art / film / poetry)


Get on (with)

I get on really well with my sisters.
Julie and John get on.
- have a friendly relationship with someone.


Deal with

Could you deal with this report now?
- take the necessary action

The shop assistant is dealing with a customer now.
- talk to / discuss with someone

This book deals with the relationship between sisters.
- be about / talk about


Look after

Would you look after this client, please John?
- to be responsible for, take care of


Pick up

My mother used to pick me up after school.
- collect / go somewhere to get someone or something

I can’t pick this suitcase up – it’s too heavy.
- lift, raise up using your hands

He picked up a lot of German when he lived in Berlin.
- learn informally, without really studying, but by using the language / computer etc.


Put on

Put your shoes on - we’re leaving.
- the action of covering your body with clothes / cosmetics etc.

Could I put some music on?
- turn on / press ‘play’ or the ‘on’ switch for something electrical (see also ‘turn on’)


Take off

Do you mind if I take off my shoes?
- Remove a piece of clothing / accessories / make up.

The plane was supposed to take off at 9pm.
- leave the ground


Look into

The management are looking into creating a new department.
- Investigate / check all the facts about something.


Turn down (turn up)

I tried to turn down the radio, but the volume was broken.
- To make the sound quieter.

John asked Julie out on a date, but she turned him down.
- refuse an offer


break down

zhroutit se - emocne
selhat - auto, komunikaca
rozepsat - problem