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Where do we reference all pressures to in the cardiovascular system?

Phlebostatic axis


What function illustrates the blood storage component of the cardiovascular system?



How can you modulate the venous system when someone is hemorrhaging to help save their life?

Stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to contract the vessels. This will decrease venous storage and decrease compliance, pushing more blood into the arterial system for perfusion of tissue.


What makes the venous system more compliant?

Increasing pressure via intravenous infusion.


What happens to venous return if you had a tumor growing in the right atrium? At what point would the tumor cause the heart to stop.

It decreases. Once the right atrium is clogged to the point that venous return = 0, you have reached the mean systemic filling pressure. At this point the heart would stop.


Why doesn't venous return increase linearly as right atrial pressure decreases?

There is a certain negative pressure at which veins will collapse.


How does the venous return keep up with an increasing cardiac output?

You could infuse fluids to increase venous return to the heart. Decrease resistance to venous return. You could also squeeze with your muscles. This can increase cardiac output from 5L/min to 20L/min.

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