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Physiology-Properties of CV System
You are getting your swell on at ...,
You are deployed and see many inj...,
What vessels have the greatest am...
18  cards
Embryology-Cardiovascular System Development
At what point does the embryo beg...,
At what point in embryonic develo...,
If a baby was born with leukemia ...
30  cards
CPR I - First Aid
An intoxicated 25 year old studen...,
A 23 year old male is brought to ...,
You have given a patient a new dr...
149  cards
Physiology-Cardiac Electrophysiology
What are the different types of a...,
How does the nodal action potenti...,
What is responsible for the diast...
24  cards
Physiology-Surface ECG
What is the end goal of an action...,
Where does the cardiac action pot...,
What autonomic nerves stimulate t...
31  cards
Physiology-Clinical Approach to ECG
What 5 things must you systematic...,
How are the grid intervals assign...,
What is the heart rate in this pa...
20  cards
Pharmacology-Autonomic Nervous System
Why is it that the parasympatheti...,
What type of tissue is controlled...,
What effects do the parasympathet...
25  cards
What are the major drugs used for...,
What adrenergic receptors are in ...,
Which adrenergic receptor is inhi...
57  cards
Histology-Arteries, Veins and Capillaries
What types of cells make up the a...,
What cells are indicated by the a...,
What is are major differences bet...
22  cards
Physiology-Heart Sounds
Through which structures do you h...,
You are listening to the heart so...,
What is responsible for the littl...
23  cards
Physiology-Heart Mechanics
How does the arrangement of muscl...,
What proteins allow the cytoplasm...,
Why are desmosomes critical struc...
15  cards
Pharmacology-Positive Inotropes
What do inotropic drugs do,
In what condition are intravenous...,
What are the different classes of...
24  cards
Physiology-Regulation of Cardiac Function
What is the normal resting cardia...,
What is cardiac index what is a n...,
How do you measure contractility
28  cards
Why are all the other pacemakers ...,
What wave of depolarization cause...,
What causes the pr interval in th...
31  cards
If one of your patients has decre...,
What type of ach receptors are at...,
Where in the body might you find ...
34  cards
Pharmacology-Antiarrhythmic Drugs
What channel is responsible for t...,
What channels and pumps are respo...,
A patient comes in to see you wit...
27  cards
Clinical Anatomy Questions
Your 17 year old neighbor comes o...,
A 24 year old female comes to the...,
A 68 year old male with severe co...
139  cards
How is the probe placed in the pa...,
What structures can you see on th...,
You are trying to get a parastern...
16  cards
A patient comes in with a pulse o...,
A patient comes to see you for a ...,
A patient comes in with a conditi...
4  cards
Biochemistry-Lipoprotein Metabolism
What are the major classes of lip...,
What is this particle what are it...,
How do free fatty acids get from ...
22  cards
Where does oxygen diffusion into ...,
How do you measure net movement a...,
What forces determine flux across...
7  cards
Physiology-Venous System Function
Where do we reference all pressur...,
What function illustrates the blo...,
How can you modulate the venous s...
7  cards
POPS: Arrhythmias
Automaticity a is a property of a...,
A reentrant arrhythmia a requires...,
When used in the treatment of atr...
10  cards
Pathology Lab-Blood Vessels
What is the most commonly documen...,
A child dies suddenly at night au...,
What type of arteriosclerosis is ...
28  cards
Physiology-Reflex Control
What is the purpose of the reflex...,
Why do you usually have to pee in...,
What happens if you denervate the...
15  cards
Biochemistry-Lipoprotein Disorders
What are the different sizes of c...,
What apoproteins are found chylom...,
Where is apob 100 made apo b48 wh...
23  cards
Physiology-Heart Sounds
1 what represents atrial depolari...,
Where is the best place to hear t...,
What is the second s2 split sound...
52  cards
Embryology-CV Developmental Abnormalities
In the embryonic heart the crista...,
What structure is located in the ...,
How does fetal blood flow circulate
33  cards
What are the three symptoms of ca...,
What is syncope,
Why do you not need to doppler ca...
17  cards
Physiology-Local Control of Blood Flow
You are working out really hard b...,
What organs are really good at ma...,
How does auto regulation look on ...
16  cards
Physiology-Coronary Circulation
Why are collateral coronary arter...,
What happens to coronary blood fl...,
A patient comes to see you becaus...
18  cards
Pharmacology-Vasodilator Drugs
Under what health conditions do w...,
What factors in our blood cause v...,
What are your primary goals in pr...
28  cards
Pharmacology-Anti-Anginal Drugs
What is happening during the time...,
A 64 year old patient comes to yo...,
How does oxygen demand oxygen sup...
22  cards
Epidemiology-Long Cohort Studies
What factors go into the design o...,
When do you start a prospective c...,
What are the pros and cons of a r...
14  cards
Epidemiology-Survival Analysis
What is the purpose of a longitud...,
What things about follow up studi...,
What is the key outcome in follow...
21  cards
Pharmacology-Renin,Angiotensin,Aldosterone Drugs
Where is angiotensinogen produced...,
What enzymes allow for conversion...,
How do ace inhibitors not only de...
25  cards
Pharmacology-Hyperlipidemic Drugs
What are the cholesterol levels s...,
What are risk factors for coronar...,
An elevated level of what apolipo...
25  cards
Physiology-Cerebral Circulation
What arteries originate outside o...,
What portion of the brain would b...,
What are the different cells that...
11  cards
Physiology-Fetal-Neonatal CV Transition
What are the main shunts that avo...,
How do the locations of the infer...,
Why is it that fetal blood prefer...
10  cards
Physiology-Pulmonary Circulation
In essence what are capillaries i...,
How do you clinically measure lef...,
How do you calculate pulmonary va...
10  cards
Microbiology-Infectious Endocarditis
What are the two types of endocar...,
What are potential sources of bac...,
What makes a host susceptible to ...
26  cards
Clinical Reasoning-Hypertension
How does prehypertension affect y...,
When measuring someone s systolic...,
What is hypertension defined as
11  cards
Psychology-Tobacco and Smoking Cessation
What race ethnicity has the highe...,
How does the prevalence of smokin...,
What percentage of the world smok...
16  cards
Pathology Lab-Cardiac
How did the plaque shown below ca...,
Where in the image below was the ...,
What coronary arteries were likel...
29  cards
Pharmacology-Hemostasis, Anti-Coagulants, Thrombolytics
What molecules contribute to the ...,
What happens after endothelial in...,
Coagulation cascade
40  cards
Anatomy-High Yield
Describe how the thoracic aorta s...,
A 22 year old female comes to the...,
A 19 year old female comes to the...
56  cards
Pathology-Midterm Review
A 55 year old male comes to see y...,
What health condition could cause...,
A 73 year old male comes to see y...
36  cards
Microbioloby-Viral Hepatitis
What hepatitis viruses are associ...,
What hepatitis viruses are associ...,
Hav virus type
32  cards

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