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When is a lab experiment useful?

When looking at differences, comparisons o cause and effect. Must be possible to manipulate IV and change DV. Behaviour must be unaffected by environment.


When is a field experiment useful?

Looking at differences, comparisons or cause and effect. Must be possible to chnange the levels of the IV and record the DV. Behaviour affected by the environment.


When is a natural experiment useful?

When looking for differences or comparisons that cannot be controlled.


When is an observation useful?

Recording behaviours that require an artificial setting. Must be observable.


When is a correlation useful?

When looking for a relationship. When it is unethical/impractical to manipulate varibales.


When is a questionnaire useful?

Aiming to collect opinions/attitudes, same questions for every participants. Used when face to face might reduce honesty.


When is an interview useful?

When detailed data is required which may require explanation or answers may vary


When is a case study useful?

When varied, detailed data is required, expeically if the case is rare or particularly interesting


When is a content analysis useful?

When overt and hidden meanings in communcation /messages are needed, compare historical and currents trends