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What are adoption studies?

They are carried out because the environment of adopted children is not the same as their biological families yet they have the same genes in common


What does an adoption study show?

Similarities with their biological families will indicate a behaviour is down to nature, differences indicate nurture


Strengths of adoption studies?

- A way of seperatng genes from the environment, similarities indicate nature
- Developmental trends can be studied as studies can be longitudinal


Weaknesses of adoption studies?

- Likely that there is a certain type of family who are accepted as adoptees of children
- Children tend to be placed in families like their own so their birth environment and adopted may be similar


What is a twin study?

Where monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins are compared for concordance of certain characteristics. Looking for 100% concordance in MZ twins as they share genes.


Strength of twin studies?

- More twins in society, can have large sample sizes and replicate studies
- Can tell us whether you can inherit behaviours
- Twins are a naturally occurring variable


Weakness of twin studies?

- Lack generalisability
- Confounding variables like different social groups etc