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What is a content analysis?

A kind of observational study in which behaviour is obserbed indirectly or directly in written or verbal material


What is the purpose of a content analysis?

To provide knowledge and understanding of whatever is studied


What is a qualitative analysis?

Focuses on the characteristics of language in communications, with attention to the content or contextual meaning of the text


What does a content analysis represent?

Explicit or inferred communication


What is a conventional/bottom up CA?

Coding categories are derived from the text


When is a conventional/bottom up CA useful?

When there is limited data in the field and for generating ideas for further study


What is a top down/directed CA?

Analysis that starts with a theory or relevent reseach findings as guidance for initial codes


When is a top down/directed CA useful?

Used to extend or develop knowledge about an existing topic


What is a summative content analysis?

Where you identify and quantify certain words. You then interpret the content


When is a summative content analysis useful?

When analysing journals


Benefits of content analysis?

- Can analyse large amounts of data
- More ethical as no participants
- Replication is possible
- Can objectively interpet results
- High ecological validity


Drawbacks of content analysis?

- More than one observer, could be inconsistant in application of coding units
- Reductionist - assumes one media outlet can reflect the entire topic
- Researcher bias
- Culture dependent