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What female hormone is the "stabilizing hormone", keeping things regular and mitigating bleeding monthly?



What is AMH's function during ovulation?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone:
Besides its function as a male inhibitor of Mullerian ducts--
A paracrine hormone that selects which follicle will continue to dominance.
Additionally, AMH levels are used to determine a women's remaining egg supply. (Wiki)


Ms. D wants to get pregnant. Her first concern is that her menses are not 28 days apart like she has read is "normal". What is your response?

Variation in the menstrual length is normal and the variation occurs in the length of the proliferative phase.
The luteal phase is ALWAYS 14 days.


Ms. Dstill ahs concerns and wishes to know if there is a test to let her know if she is ovulating. She has blood drawn on day 21 of her cycle. What hormone did she have measured that would assist in answering this question?
Inhibin B



Her progesterone level is 15 (normal ovulation is > 5). She is 39 y/o and has been having unprotected sex for about a year now. You advice?

You are ovulating, but because of your age, you may be subfertile. It is time for an evaluation and treatment plan with a specialist.