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What is the most common drug used for the induction of labor?
What are its side effects/limitations?

Oxytocin (Pitocin)
Can cause overstimulation of the myometrium leading to exhaustion of the muscle and inability to control postpartum hemorrhage.
Antidiuretic effect can also cause water intoxication and hyponatremia.


What is considered the most important indicator in the success of labor induction?

Cervical ripening


How do prostaglandins induce labor?

Block progesterone (maintains pregnancy) and cause a local inflammatory response. Synthetic PGE2 also causes cervical ripening.
Soften cervix.


List the 3 prostaglandin preparations in use to soften the cervix.
What are their limitations to use with oxytocin?

Carboprost tromethamine
Misoprostol- most rapid action

::Don't use them when using oxytocin. Wait 6 hrs before using oxytocin.
::Not recommended for use when mom has uterine scars from previous cesarean birth.