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All of the gods of a group or religion
Ex: Sumerians and Akkadians = Mesopotamia religion



A person who never claims their faith or belief in god



Believing the worlds full of spirits



Connecting with a spirit through nature

Transcendental spiritual experience


The effort to figure out what the gods are trying to say



Great house means .........................



The people thought that one god couldn’t do everything by himself

Why was Polytheism made


Mesopotamians thought that when one died they would go to “hell” and they would eat dust and drink filthy water forever

Mesopotamia death


Egyptians thought when one died that they would get their heart weighed, if the heart was heavier than a feather, their heart would get eaten and they would not exist, but if the heart was lighter they would live in the land of two fields happily

Egyptian death


In the Mesopotamian religion humans were made to work for the gods and the gods repaid them for by taking care of their daily needs, also they mad statues, temples, and sacrificed themselves

Relationship of the Mesopotamian with their gods


The function of the Mesopotamian temple was for dispensing grain, surplus of food to poor, counseled those in need, provided medical supplies, and sponsored festivals that honored the gods

Function of the Mesopotamian temple


It was a combination of magic, mythology, science, medicine, psychiatry, study of plants, the understanding of religion in a high power, and a life after death

What was the Egyptian religion a combination of


There were only chaotic, with slow churning waters, depthless, then a rose a hill as earth, the sun god spoke giving birth to the god of air, the god of moisture, the god of earth, and the goddess of the sky, then after heka gave birth to the universe

How was the Egyptian creation myth similar to Mesopotamian story


Instead of being polytheistic, Hinduism is henotheism a god presenting himself in many forms

Why is Hinduism so special compared to other religions


If someone acts rightly in performance of the duty, the reward is moving closer to the supreme god, if not its reincarnated again till the person is closer to its supreme soul

How does reincarnation relate being one with god in Hinduism


The Maya believe that all things die are transformed and human life is part of that pattern in nature

What is a “cycle of nature” that Maya believe in


The patterns in religion are many gods who take personal interest in the lives of people, a supernatural entity who speaks it, fashions it, commands it into existence, a supernatural explanation for the creation of earth and humans beings, a relationship between the created humans and their creator god require worship and sacrifice

What are the patterns in religion


Buddhism is not one seeking with god but with nature as one leaves behind the illusions of the world, but the world causes suffering, fear of loss and death

What is Buddhism