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VA plan

Two house legislature, a chief executive, and a court system. Lower house elected by the people, the upper house is chosen by the lower house.


NJ plan

One house congress, equal representation and gives congress expanded powers to tax and to control trade.


The great compromise

Two house, in house of reps. varies according to the states population. The upper house has 2 members for senate for each state.


3/5 compromise

The amount of slaves counted as 3/5 of the actual total for the census to give the southern states more power.


First state to approve the constitution



When was the bill of rights added



Popular Sovereignty

It means the authority of the people. The people determine what the government does.



The people elect representatives and give them the responsibilities to make laws and to conduct government.


Limited Government

A government that would have the powers granted by the people and that is empowered by the law.



When the states banded together under the constitution, giving the people some independence. This allows the people of the state to deal with their own needs in a certain way. It also lets the states to act together to deal with matter that will affect all Americans.


Separation of Powers

Made to prevent any single group or institutions from gaining to much authority. Divided into 3 Congress makes laws. (leg.) . President that enforces law (executive). Courts that interpret laws and that apply it (Judicial).


Checks and balances

Ways to prevent a branch of government to maintint to much power.


Individual rights

The bill of rights became known as a part of the U.S. in 1791. These 10 amendments protect basic liberties and rights that include freedom of press, assembly, religion, and the right to trail by jury.


What does the preamble mean?

It means that to form a perfect union they have to establish justice, peace within the nation, provide with common defense, promote general welfare, and the to secure the blessings of liberty.



Term of office - 2 years

Requirements for office - must be at least 25, must be U.S citizen for 7 years, and a resident of the state

# of members - 435

Current party division - 236 R, 193 D, and 6 vacant

Leadership - Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan (R from WI)

Election Pattern - every 2 years



Term of office - 6 years

Requirements for office - must be at least 30 years old, must be a U.S citizen for at least 9 years, and must be a resident of the state

# of members - 100 years and 2 per state

Current Party division - 51 R, 47, and 2 I

Leadership - Mike Pence leader of the senate, Orrin Hatch the PPT who starts and ends the proceedings, Mitch McConnell is the majority leader

Election Power - 1/3 of members stand for election for every two years


Legislature power

Meaning that the Congress has the power to make laws and to change them.


Why is the Senate more powerful?

Larger area
Larger terms
Staggered elections
Try impeachments
Approve president appointments
Approves treaties


What is impeachment?

To be bring charge against someone.


How many senators does it take to remove somebody?

Two thirds of a vote, a supermajority.


Charges for impeachment

Getting removed from office and if it involves a crime charges will be held.


What is a Quorum?

A minimum number of amount of people there before they conduct a official business.


Why does the constitution require that the house and the senate maintain a public record of their proceedings?

So they don’t keep secrets from the public.


Special powers of the house

Impeaches, and tax bills begin in the house.


Special powers of the senate

Tries impeachment, they approve treaties, and presidents appointments.


What does the house represent

There district


What does the senate represent

The state


Our reps. for the house and for the senate

Andy Barr for the house
M. McConnell and R. Paul for the senate


What district do we live in?

The 6th