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Reasons to have tips procedure except

Heart failure

other ones:
A. Variceal Bleeding
B. Ascites
C. Hepatorenal syndrome


Tips procedure can be described as

A shunt between the Portal Vien and the Hepatic Vien


The most common surgical approach for prostate cancer is

retropubic radical prostatectomy


best way to screen for prostate cancer

digital rectal exam


A 12 yr old girl underwent an uncomplicated tonsillectomy under general anesthesia. Both tonsils were markedly enlarged. On arrival to the post-anesthesia care unit, she became restless and began coughing frothy pink sputum. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the patient’s distress?

post-obstructive pulmonary edema


What is the most common cause of secondary bleeding following an adenotonsillectomy?

separation of the eschar from the tonsillar bed


All of the following are indications for a nissen fundoplication EXCEPT:

answer- dysmotility and achalasia

Failed medical management of GERD
Dysmotility and achalasia
Barrett’s esophagus
Hoarseness and laryngitis secondary to GER


complication of a nissen

answer- all of the above

Dumping syndrome
Inability or painful emesis
All answers are complications
Excessive gas and bloating


What maneuver is used to look for upper airway obstruction

mueller maneuver


What pt would benefit most from a uppp surgery

answer- d

a. Patient with moderate-severe OSA with a BMI >40
b. Patient with mild OSA that uses a dental device
c. Patient with severe OSA with frequent episodes of VT and severe O2 desaturations
d. Patient with moderate OSA that is not tolerating a CPAP


Which patient is declared safe to undergo the whipple procedure?

answer- d

a. A patient with multiple liver metastasis.
b. A patient with >50% encasement of the peripancreatic vessels.
c. A patient found to have peritoneal carcinomatosis.
d. A patient with pain from chronic pancreatitis.


which inguinal hernia requires immediate surgery



when can pts who had a mesh repair for inguinal hernia surgery return to full activity

as soon as they feel comfortable and not in significant pain


What is the definitive treatment/procedure for uncontrolled hemorrhage during a mediastinoscopy?

Perform a median sternotomy to open the chest and get control of the bleed!


What test is the gold standard for evaluating/diagnosing mediastinal adenopathy or malignancy?



grade 3 internal hemorrhoids

protrude but can be reduced by hand


Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is superior to excisional hemorrhoidectomy because

Stapled is more favorable in terms of post op pain and time to return to work


A 49 year old female diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer was found to have negative sentinel lymph node biopsy. She has decided to undergo a unilateral mastectomy and desires immediate breast reconstruction. As her physician, what mastectomy procedure is most appropriate for this patient?

skin sparring mastectomy


Which of the following is not a risk of a nipple sparing mastectomy

answer- D

A. Nipple necrosis
B. Recurrence of cancer
C. Wound infection
D. Increased pain due to removal of the pectoralis muscle


What is the treatment for persistent perforation after extrusion of tympanostomy tubes?

None most heal spontaneously


which is not an indication for a typanostomy tube placement?

answer- b

a. OME associated with hearing loss ≥40 dB
b. One episode of OME
c. OME in children at risk of speech, language, or learning problems
d. Recurrent and severe acute otitis media


Which post-operative small bowel resection patient requires TPN?

less then 100 cm of jejunum remaining


All of the following are true regarding an oleo-anal pouch except?

answer b

a. A portion of the small intestine is constructed into an internal reservoir
b. The stoma contains nerve endings and catheterization can be painful
c. The pouch is typically drained 2-4 times per day
d. There is no need for an external pouch


recommended surgical route for routine hysterectomy



if partial hysterectomy is performed what gynecological cancer needs to be screened for



how long should you wait to biopsy a unusual lymph node

4 weeks


what texture of lymph node is suggestive of malignancy

hard and fixed


most common site for laryngeal cancer

glottic larynx


which of the following would NOT be an indication for a laryngectomy

answer- D

a. Severe trauma
b. Laryngeal Cancer
c. Severe swallowing problems
d. None of the above