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person argument

-behavior is determined in large by a person's traits
-> individuals will act similarly much of the time


person evidence

-people differ in central point around which they vary


situation argument

-immediate situation is primary determinant of behavior
-> individual will act very differently on different occasions


situation evidence

-amount of within-person variability was just as large as within-person variability in emotion



-situation as primary factor
-personality consists of differences between individuals in how they react to situations, rather than in general ways of acting (traits)


density distribution approach

-used to determine how differently the typical person acts on different occasions


state level

-short-term variation in personality construct

-state-level association: ?


trait level

-generalized and personalized characteristics and stable modes of individual's adjustment to his environment

-trait level association: people who are more sociable may also experience more positive affect


personality-situation transactions

-describe how people select, create, change and construct situations based on their dispositions


how can we explain why personality-situation transactions did not consistently increase with age? (3)

1) external constraints in health oder social environments may limit possibilities to choose and create personality-compatible situations

2) people increasingly know themselves more with age, but are not able, or not willing to act on it

3) cohort effects: younger cohorts are more focused on self-fulfillment compared with older cohorts


experience sampling

-daily diary method
-ecological momentary assessment (EMA)
-asked 6 times a day over 6 weeks
-or 4 times a day over 2 weeks
-> report recent thoughts, feelings and behaviors