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What is the cocktail party effect?

When your attention is unconsciously focusing on everything, on a subconscious level.


What is consciousness?

An awareness of external and internal stimuli. Also included are plans for action and thinking.


What are the two main states of consciousness?

1. Waking consciousness
2. Sleep


What does your consciousness help do?

It helps foucus your behavior and thinking.


What is thought suppression?

Trying not to think of something. Like trying not to think of a white bear.


What is sensation?

The immediate experience that generates environmental stimuli ex: loud voices, colors


What is perception?

Organization and the meaning that you impose on your basic sensations, in the attempt to interpret them.


What is Vision?

Most important sense. Most research had been done on it. Gives us information about color, shape, motion, and distance. Psychological responses to physical stimulus of light.


How do light travel?

In waves. Wavelength of light helps determine different colors. Amplitude or the height of the wave helps us determine the brightness of the stimuli.


What is transduction?

Light being turned into action potential and then processed by the occipital lobe.


What is highly flexible?

The human visual system.


What is audition?

Sense of hearing. Language is primarily auditory.


What also travels in waves?

Sound. Tiny disturbances in air pressure.


What is frequency and amplitude?

Frequency is the pitch/ how high or low the sound is and amplitude is the loudness.


What is trichromatic theory?

A theory that suggests that the Retina has only 3 types of cones. Your brain mixes up the stimuli and then uses a combination of the three primary colors. Short cones: blues, Medium cones: Green and yellow, Large cones: red


What is the opponent process theory?

That ganglion cells increase there activity when one color is present and decrease when another is present. Blue ⬆️ yellow⬇️, red⬆️ green ⬇️. Chromatic adaption is and after effect.


How can both the Trichromatic theory and the opponent-process theory be right?

Each theory correctly describes color vision at a different level of visual processing.


What do ganglion cells do?

The partially process signals from the rods and cones.


What did Gestalt say about figure and ground?

The said figure has a definite shape and ground seems shapeless. Ground seems to continue in the back. Figure has a clear location in space, ground is location less.


What is the Müller-lyer illusion effected by?

It is effected by cross-culture. It suggest that sensation is different then perception.


What are the two theory's of color vision?

Trichromatic theory and Opponent-process theory.


What are sound waves?

The physical stimuli that produce our sensory experience of sound.


Just like perception there are two theories of pitch perception. What are they?

Place theory and Frequency theory.


What is Place theory?

Each frequency produces a vibration in a particular place of the vascular membrane. Low tones cause vibration farther in the stirrup. High tones close to the stirrup.


What is Frequency Theory?

The whole vesicular membrane vibrates at the same frequency as the tone.


What is Olfaction?

Is the sense of smell. Responds to chemical substances.


What is gustation?

Our sense of taste.


What is the largest sense organ?

Our skin.


What is thought replacement?

It is a way to counter thought suppression.


What does Gestalt mean?

Unified or whole form.


What is an electroencephalograph?

A tool for measuring the rhythmic electrical activity of the brain or brain waves.


What are Zeitgebers?

an environmental agent or event (as the occurrence of light or dark) that provides the stimulus setting or resetting a biological clock of an organism


What is Human free running tendency?

We tend to run free of a 24 hour day.


What is both psychological and physiological?

Pain. Which is stated in Gaye control theory.


What is gate control theory?

We experience pain only when pain messages pass through a gate in the spinal cord to the brain.


You body can do what to pain if crucial for life?

It can close the gate.