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what is the concept of prephallic children?

- gender development occurs at phallic psychosexual stages (3-6)
- pre-pahllic kids are bisexual and focus of pleasure is genitals


what is the oedipus complex?

- boys develop incestuos feelings for mother and hate dad as love rival
- fears castration so learns to identify with father


what is the electra complex?

- girls experience penis envy and compete with mother for fathers love
- mother is love rival and blamed for lack of penis
- identify with mother and spire to be one themselves
(freud not as clear on women)


what is identification and internalisation?

- freud said kids of both sexes identify with parent of same sex to resolve complexes (identification)
- aport gender identity of that parent (internalisation)


what is the case of little hans?

- evidence of oedipus compex
- boy who feared being bitten by horse
- displaced fear of father casttrating him onto fear of hose (defence mechanism)


- research doesn't support oedipus complex

-sons of punishing fathers had stronger gender due to high anxiety
- Blackmore found boys with liberal fathers have more secure masculinity


- inadequate account of female development

- Jung forced to complete freud theory on females
- penis envy reflects patriarchal victorian era
- Horney said mens "womb envy" is more powerful
- wrongly based on idea that women want to be men


- lack of scientific rigour

- concepts untestable as its unconscious nature
- popper said the theory was pseudoscience