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Which of the following must meet the accreditation standards of the state Board of Education in regards to grading, classifying, and accrediting schools?
A. Parochial schools on a voluntary basis
B. Private schools on a voluntary basis
C. Public schools
D. All of the above

All of the above.


The criteria for the accreditation of Kentucky public schools are found in the:

Kentucky standard for grading, classifying, and accrediting elementary, middle, and secondary schools.


What is required part of the school accreditation process in Kentucky?

An outside consultant


The school accreditation process in Kentucky requires that accreditation be completed:

On a five year cycle


A principal who knowingly allows the student to be recruited for participation in athletics shall

Cause the local school district to be in non-compliance with state accreditation standards


The state Board of Education's approved agent for managing high school interscholastic athletics is the

Kentucky High school athletics association


With parental consent, a child may withdraw from school at the age of

16 or 18 depending on district policy.


One day of excused absence shall be granted to students requesting an excuse for:

Attending the state fair


According to the attorney general's opinion, a school is policy provides for course failure following a specific number of days of absence, regardless of the reason is



The student census in each local school district is

Required for all children residing in the school district.


The "Average Oily Attendance" of a school is

The aggregate number of days attended by students divided by the actual number of days the school is in session.


When a student withdraws from a school district because of a change of residence and the school district is able to determine the child's new residence, the superintendent:

Is to forward pertinent information to the superintendent of the school district in which the student resides.


When a student withdraws from a school because of a change in residence, the student's home room teacher must:

Enter the proper with drawl code and new residence in the student attendance records


The compulsory schools attendance requirement pertains to children who are between the ages of

Six and 16


Enrollment in Kindergarten in Kentucky is

Permissible for a child who turns 6 by August 1


What are the reasons a child can be exempt from the requirement of compulsory attendance at a regular public school?

Attendance at the state supported program for exceptional children, lesson seven years old and attends a private kindergarten or nursery, or physical and mental conditions prevents or renders inadvisable attendance at school.


What would be a reason a child between the age 6 and 16 would be exempt from compulsory attendance?

The child is enrolled in the church school.


What would be legal justification for a local school district to grant exemptions from attendance requirements.

Report of mental illness by parents.


A signed statement by whom would qualify a student for Home hospital instruction

Licensed physician
Licensed chiropractor
Licensed psychologist
Public Health officer


Legislation passed by the Kentucky general assembly to reform the common law system of common schools is known as the

KERA Kentucky educational reform Act 1190


Fines and penalties for the violations of election laws are all school employees, superintendents, and schoolboard members can be found in

The Kentucky revised statues


According to the statue, the use of school property for public purposes is to be authorized by the

Local Board of Education


Authority to rent or refuse permission for use of school property for public purposes resides with

The local Board of Education


What activities could the charge of loitering be placed against persons unauthorized in schools or on their grounds?

Gambling, using a controlled substance, and not having a legitimate reason for being there.