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The minimum school day for each kindergarten pupil is

Half day; five days a week


A child shall attend public school or qualify for an exemption as provided by KRS 159.030 if, by October 1, the child has attained the age of



Hey student between the ages of 16 and 18 who wishes to terminate his public or non-public education, without parent consent, may do so if the child is



If a student between the ages of 16 and 18 wishes to withdraw from school, how many days prior to his withdrawal mostly written notification from the legal guardian be received by the school officials



Hey school district shall provide a school program for children until they reach the age of



School personnel who know, or have reasonable cause to know, that a child is neglected or abused

Shall report the matter


When reporting a case of known or suspected child neglect or abuse school personnel

Armenian from any liability, civil or criminal, as a result of reporting the neglect or abuse


And regarding the local school student discipline code KRS 158.148

All school district must develop and adopt a written discipline code, all local discipline codes must be reviewed and approved by the department of education, and the department of education is required to develop guidelines containing broad principal's to assist local school district and developing their own discipline codes.


If your local Board of Education decides to use a committee to assist in the development of a student discipline code, the membership should be comprised of which of

Student and faculty, parents, and district administrative personnel


The local school discipline code must include a list of

Rights and responsibilities of the students, parents, and educators,


What is not required to be included in the local school district discipline code?

Certification that the code has been reviewed by legal counsel


What best describes the required student behavior component of a student discipline code?

A list of possible behavior violations and disciplinary measures appropriate to those violations


State guidelines for the development of a local student discipline code include

Requirement for a listing of behavior violations and disciplinary measures appropriate to those violations


The use of student discipline guidelines as a resource for teachers and administrators should

Assist teachers in a minute straighter's in handling and preventing discipline problems


Local Board of Education's are required to adopt a program of continuous health supervision which includes schedule a screening for

Vision, hearing, and scoliosis


Requirements for emergency care procedures to be provided by the school do not include

A listing of license medical doctors on call


All local Board of Education shall require a medical exam of each student when?

Six months prior to, or one month following, I initialed mission to school


All student shall be required to present a valid immunization certificate

Upon enrollment in a school


A valid up today immunization certificate shall be on file for all children

At all times


Children transferring into any school district

Shall comply with the immunization requirements.


Information on the cumulative health record for each student shall include what

Screening test related to the students growth and development, vision, hearing, TB skin test, and attendance records


Information on missing Kentucky school children is sent to schools