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The educational professional standards Board, upon taking action to initiate proceedings to revoke a Certificate , Should provide a certified employee a written statement specifying the charge against him or a her setting a hearing date for no less than

20 days nor more than 24


Any certificate or license issued under any previous law to superintendence, principals, teachers, or other supervisory or instructional employees may be revoked by the

Educational professional standards Board


Authority and responsibility to issue, suspend, and revoke teaching certificate is legislatively assigned to

Educational professional standards board


The local board shop provide protection for the school council members by making available

Liability insurance


If you know school in a multi school district votes to implement site-based decision making, providing there is more than one school in the district, the local school board Shall

Designate one school to implement site-based decision-making


A local school district shall not be required to implement school-based-ish scission making at the local school district

Contains only one school


All of the following are eligibility requirements for membership on a local Board of Education

Being at least 24 years of all, how do you Kentucky citizenship for at least three years preceding election and is a voter of the district for which elected, and completed at least the 12th grade


Any vacancy and any Board of Education shall be filled within 90 days by the

Commissioner of education


Hey screening committee composed of two teachers elected by teachers, one boardmember appointed by the board chairman, one principal elected by the principles and one parent elected by the presence of the parent teacher organization show make recommendations regarding a candidate for



The chief state school officer shall approve or reject a boards approval or reject a board removal request for the superintend it within

30 days


Hey superintend it may be removed for caused by a minimum

4/5 vote of the board of education


Each local Board of Education has the power to do all the following

OK. The superintendent of the school, fix the compensation of employees, and establish consortium with other local boards of education to provide services. A local Board of Education cannot hire certified and classified employees, that is the principal's responsibility


A process by which to waive fees for peoples who qualify for free and reduced lunch is shall be established by the:

Local Board of Education


What fraction of the school faculty must vote for school based decision making in order for it to be implemented



School implementing school-based decision-making will be provided assistance in developing policies and professional development activities by

The Department of Education


Hey School I choose just to have School-based decision-making but, would like to be exempt from the administrative structure, may develop a model for implementation and submit it through the local Board of Education to the

Chief state school officer and State Board of Education


A formula by which school districts Vons shall be allocated to each school council shall be recommended by the chief state officer to the

State board of elementary and secondary education


Policies related to the curriculum, instructional time, assignment of students to classes, school day schedules, curricula programs, instructional practices, discipline, extracurricular programs shall be adopted by the school council and implemented by the



Vacancies that occur at a building level shall be filled from the superintendents recommended list of applicants and shall be selected by the

Principal after consulting with the school-based decision-making Council


The term teacher, when referring to School-based decision-making, means any person for whom certification is required as a basis of employment and public schools the state with the exception of:

Principles, assistant principals, and head teachers.


Unless alternative models are approved by the state board for elementary and secondary education, school based decision-making councils, are composed of:

Three teachers, two parents, and one principal.


Unless an alternative model has been approved, teacher and parent reps of the school based council shall be selected for a term of:

One year


The parent members of the school based council shall be elected by the

PTO or largest organization of parents form for that purpose