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The schools rewards program receives its funding from?

A trust fund established by the Kentucky General assembly


The General assembly determines the cost associated with education for exceptional children based on?

The count of pupils with different exceptionality's, inappropriate pupil to teacher ratio, and total per pupil costs


Except for those schools in site-based decision making, the number of full-time equivalent kindergarten students enrolled for which an eight is required is?



The district calculation of the SEEK (SuPPORT Education Excellence in Kentucky) formula is based on?

Previous year average daily attendance


In determining the SEEK funding for local school district's at risk students are defined as those:

A proof for the free room lunch program


Hey school can be exempt from the maximum class size requirement If

The school is operating under School-based decision-making


Unless exempt, the maximum number of students in rolled in primary grades (K-3) class-size shall be



Unless exempt, class-size loads for middle and high school teachers shall exceed the equivalent of:

150 pupil hours per day


The aggregate and average daily attendance of transported pupils shall include all public school pupils transported at public expense who live

1 mile from school


Funds cannot be spent for new construction or additional renovation by a local Board of Education on schools that are designated as



The 15% tier I tax rate increase shall be

Levied by the local Board of Education action


The SEEK funding formula created capital HB 940 requires local boards of education to Leavy a minimum a Quillivant tax rate per 100 of assessed valuation of:

$.30 cents


Local boards of education, which failed to love you the minimal equivalent tax rate required for participation and seek, are subject to the following penalty

Removal of its board members for willful neglect of duty


Local school district employees who perform extra services, such as taking up tickets for athletic events, must be paid by the

Local Board of Education with the school board reimbursing the expense


A written agreement enforceable by law is a



What best describes requirements for the purchase of materials and supplies which exceed a specific amounts?

Must be bid in accordance with KRS 424.260 or the Model Procurement Code


The Model Procurement Code requires bidding for the purchase of any item exceeding



Under the Model Procurement Code , what are examples of things needing Bid?

Item sold at public auction, contracts for group health insurance


Under KRS 424.250, school district must invite bids for the purchase of the following if their cost exceeds 7500 for the district as a whole

Athletic equipment, snack items, carbonated beverage,


According to KRS 424.260, who authorizes the initiation of the bidding process?

The local school board of education


The price quotation is a

Price given by a vendor by phone and confirm by a letter, and instances where a formal bid is inappropriate.


Purchases made by the school food service program must comply with

Either appropriate Kentucky revised statutes or the model procurement code so long as federal regulations are complied with fully


Schools and school related nonprofit organization's are required to charge customer sales tax except under the following conditions

When the proceeds ecru to the benefit of the school and it's students


Kentucky statutes provide the authority to only one entity to in debt school systems. This entity is the

Local school board