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Genetic prediction simply refers to...

estimation of breeding values (BV)
progeny differences (PD)
producing abilities (PA)


To predict a value (EBV, MPPV, etc.), we need:

regression coefficient(s)
phenotypic values (performance records)
means (averages)


BLUP (best linear unbiased prediction)

a method of genetic prediction that is particularly appropriate when performance come from genetically diverse contemporary groups


Statistical model

a mathematical representation of animal performance


Animal model

an advanced statistical model for genetic prediction that is issued for all animals in a population


Field data

information that is reported by producers to government agencies for use in genetic prediction


EPD (expected progeny difference)

expected difference between the mean performance of the individual's progeny and the mean performance of all progeny


Types of EPDs (4)

1. parent EPD: an EPD for an animal with progeny data
2. non-parent EPD: an EPD for an animal without progeny data
3. interim EPD: an updated EPD calculated between BLUP analyses that incorporated new information
4. pedigree EPD: an EPD based only on pedigree data


ACC (accuracy)

correlation between the estimated and the true unknown value


PC (possible change)

indicates the potential amount of change in a prediction