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When is the Locus of Control of Behavior scale given?

Right before treatment and immediately after treatment


According to the Locus of Control of Behavior scale, clients who did not decrease their locus of control scores more than 5 percent from pre-treatment to post-treatment are in danger of what?



little relapse among those stutterers who met the following three goals by the end of treatment (3)...

(1) no stuttering on telephone calls to strangers
(2) a score of 9 or below on the Modified Erickson Scale of Communication Attitudes
(3) locus of control score reductions greater than 5 percent.


What tasks are clinicians responsible for during assessment?

Gathering data, getting to know the client as an individual, showing an understanding of the client's POV and hopes for treatment, demonstrate an understanding of stuttering


What three severity scales do we use during assessment?

Stuttering Severity Instrument (SSI), Lidcombe Program Severity Rating Scale, The Scale for Rating Severity