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With respect to geriatric horses, what is a common physical reason older horses may not be able to maintain optimal BCS? List one management tool to possibly improve the physical issue you listed.

Bad teeth
the ability to not eat enough
higher rations - easily digestible food


List two general principles of deworming horses discussed in class.

use the correct dewormer - ivermectin
prevention is key


When feeding horses what percentage of body weight/day in the norm?
a. 2%-5%
b. 1%-3%
c. 3%-5%
d. 2%-6%

b. 1%-3%


True or False
Ascarids are round worms of horses. They typically affect young horses and left untreated can cause implications in the gut.



When raising swine in a Farm situation, list two areas of consideration not an issue in CAFO raised swine.

Darker colored pigs - prevent sunburn
Pigs co-mingling - fights, crushing babies


In a swine CAFO production systems gestation crates are used. What is a gestation crate?

sows are kept from AI until just before parturition.