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Added filtration

Limiting the x-ray beam by the use of a piece of aluminum or aluminum equivalent outside the glass window of the housing tube


Aperture diaphragm

A piece of flat lead with a hole in the center. This equipment is attached to the tube to confine the x-ray beam to the area of the hole. All areas surrounding the hole will remain unexposed


Beam-limiting device

Equipment that reduces the beam to only those areas in need of exposure, all other areas will not be exposed to the beam


Computed radiography (CR)

Radiography using a solid-state imaging device, such as a photostimulable phosphor plate, in recovering, enhancing, and displaying the image using a digital computer



A circular metal structure attached to the x-ray tube housing to restrict the x-ray beam to a predetermined size


Digital radiography (DR)

A form of x-ray imaging where digital x-ray sensors are use instead of traditional photographic film


Electronic imaging

Technology that utilizes computed and digital radiography


Flat contact shield

Rubberized lead strips that are placed over areas of the body to protect them from exposure


Gonad shielding

Protection of their reproductive organs from radiation exposure


Half-value layer (HVL)

The thickness of the material that will reduce the x-ray intensity to half its original value


Image intensification fluoroscopy

A procedure used to increase the brightness of an image with a decreased exposure time


Inherent filtration

Limiting the x-ray beam by the use of a glass window in the tube and cooling oil surrounding the tube housing


Intensifying screen

A device that serves to accelerate the action of x-rays by converting the x-ray energy into visible light


Intermittent / pulsed fluoroscopy

The procedure of periodically activating the floor survive big tube rather than having the tube continues the activated. This reduces patient exposure and prolong the life of the tube


Involuntary motion

Movement by the patient that is beyond his control


Shadow shield

The radiopaque material that is suspended from YouTube housing, which Cass a shadow over the area that should not be exposed


Shaped contact shield

Lead device that is shaped to fit over anatomical areas of the body to protect them from radiation exposure


Source-image receptor distance (SID)

The area from the point of contact on the patient to the tube


Total filtration

The maximum amount of limitation of the x-ray beam through the use of both added an inherent filtration methods


Variable-aperture collimator

A pair of upper and lower level lead shutters that right angle each other. They can be adjusted to limit the field size of the x-ray beam will expose


Voluntary motion

Movement controlled by the patient