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Separation is applied between ___of the targets?



Radar separation shall be applied to all RNAV aircraft…

On random routes at or below FL450


When can you apply radar separation?

Between radar identified aircraft


If ____is in the data block, do not use information in the data block for
either radar or non radar separation.



What is radar separation?

• At or above FL600- 10 miles
• Below FL600 5 miles
• Below FL180 and within 40 miles of the antenna-3 miles if
specified in FD


Separation required when transitioning from terminal to enroute?

• 3 miles increasing to 5 miles or greater provided: diverging or
lead is faster, sep is constant or increasing, 5 miles or other
appropriate separation is obtained within the first center sector,
procedure is covered in an LOA and limited to specific routes
and or sector positions


Separation with the A388 and B748

• 5 miles behind, 10 when transitioning to terminal, no visual
separation (include the expression SUPER immediately after the
a/c call sign in communications with terminal facility or traffic


Wake turbulence.

• Directly behind and less than 1,000 ft below or following an
aircraft conducting an instrument apch (and takes precedence
over 3 mile separation)
• Heavy behind heavy (4)
• Large/heavy behind a B757 (4)
• Small behind a B757 (5)
• Small/large behind heavy (5)


Separate aircraft from obstructions by…

5 miles


Separate aircraft from adjacent airspace by:

• Below FL600- 2.5 radar controller/5 non radar controlled
• At and above FL600-5 radar controller/10 non radar controlled


Separate aircraft from SUA and ATCAA by:

• Involving aircraft operationso
Below FL600- 3 miles
o At and above FL600-6 miles
o At and Below FL290- 500 ft
o Above FL290 1,000
• Not involving aircraft operationso
Aircraft must just avoid airspace


Formations flight separation.

• Standared-1 mile
• Two flights- 2 miles
• Non standard- apply appropriate minima from the parameter of
the airspace encompassing the flight from the outermost aircraft
(beacon codes if need be)


Give equal priority to…

Separating aircraft and issuing safety alerts (perform the action
most critical from a safety standpoint)


Once observed and recognized, issue a safety alert when an aircraft

In a position which places it in unsafe proximity to terrain,
obstructions, or other aircraft


Do not assume that because another controller has responsibility for
the aircraft that the unsafe situation has been observed and that the
safety alert has been issued….

Inform the appropriate controller (coordination is not required
when immediate action is dictated


When can you discontinue further alerts?

When the pilot informs you that action is being taken to resolve
the unsafe situation


What are the origins of alerts?

En route minimum safe altitude warning, automatic altitude
readouts, conflict alert/mode C intruder, pilot reports


What is a conflict alert?

A function of certain air traffic control automated systems
designed to alert radar controllers to existing or pending
situations between tracked targets (known IFR and VFR) that
require immediate attention/action


Define mode C intruder.

A function of certain air traffic control automated systems
designed to alert radar controllers to existing or pending
situations between a tracked target (known IFR or VFR) that
require immediate attention/action


When would you issue a traffic alert and what would you issue?

• Immediately when a known conflict with other aircraft exists
• Offer alternate course of action if feasible and end the transition
with the word immediately


When will a full data block flash?

When targets are within a predetermined parameter of each
other and less than minimum vertical separation exists (alert is
based on mode C readout or controller reported altitude there
fore timely altitude updates are imperative)


Why should you not rely totally on computerized alert?

May activate late or wont activate unless altitude is known


What does it mean when a controller suppressed/restored the alert?

Constitutes controller acknowledgment and indicates appropriate
action has been or will be taken


Define altitude readout

An aircrafts altitude transmitted via the mode C transponder
feature that is visually displayed in 100ft increments on a radar
display having readout capabilities


When must you ensure validity of each aircraft?

After: accepting an inter-facility handoff, initial track start, track
start from a coast/suspended tabular list, missing or
unreasonable mode C readouts


Whose responsibility is validating mode C?

Shared responsibility of the radar team


Can a previously validated mode C be used for separation when the
exceptional rate indicator “X” is displayed?



When is a readout considered valid?

Varies less than 300 ft from pilot reported altitude or you receive
a continuous readout from an aircraft on the airport and there
read out varies by less than 300 ft from the airport elevations or
verbal coordination with another facility with validated altitude
information shows exact correlation between you data block and


What do you do if you are unable to validate the read out?

Do not use mode C information for separation


What do you do when you observe an invalid mode C readout below

• Instruct the pilot to turn off altitude reporting part of transponder
and include the reason
• Notify area supervisor-in-charge of the aircraft callsign


What should be done before allowing an aircraft who has lost altitude
reporting capability into another controllers class A airspace?

Verbal approval required


When do you not have to request a pilot to confirm assigned altitude
on initial contact?

Pilot states assigned altitude or you assign a new altitude to a
climbing or descending aircraft, or mode C readout is valid and
indicates that the aircraft is established at the assigned altitude


How do you inform an aircraft to turn the automatic altitude reporting
feature on or off?



Do all aircraft have the ability to disengage altitude squawk
independently from beacon code squawk?

No some are controlled by the same switch and you may loose
beacon code